🔥 8 New Upcoming Cars Launch in February & March 2022 🔥 (Tata,Jeep,Maruti Suzuki,Kia,Skoda,MG)

8 New Upcoming Cars Lunch in February & March 2022

Cars List:
1.New Jeep Compass Trailhawk
6.2022 Tata Nexon EV
7.Tata Safari Petrol
8.Volkswagen Virtus


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  1. @High Rev India 
    How is MG ASTOR (Base) compared with Creta (Base), but creta facelift 2022 ?
    Already booked Astor style on 1st day, not yet delivered
    I am having patience for delivery, waiting upto 9 months, i can wait 9-10 months , no hurry
    MG assured maintenance would be 0.47 paise per kms including labour & consumables

    But wanted reliable car, means i will not change till 15 years, give your opinion regarding service, spares, comfort n satisfaction of Creta base (MT) Vs. MG ASTOR Base (MT) & Kia Carens Base MT ?
    As a Auto consultant give your feedback (1) MG Astor Base model (2) Creta (3) Carens Base model

  2. हरि ॐ 🙏🌺😊 शुभ दोपहर हमें वर्चुअस ,कंपास सफारी, नेक्सान , ❤️ है , सफारी पेट्रोल ओर वर्चुअस का इंतजार कर रहे हैं 🙂

  3. I like to have all 8 Cars, Universe please make arrangements so i can get all these 8 Cars Top models in Red, Blue, Green, Silver, Grey, Black, White, Brown 😁☺️ Thank You Universe for this Wonderful Gift of Cars/Vahan 🙏😁🙏

  4. Tata harrier xz
    Perchesh bhagwati autolink junagadh
    1st  fault  ac water pipe lekage car perchesh third days  water inside  driverside  and passanger side
    2nd fault  disel pump cracked
    3rd  fault  music system hang  cruise control rewers camera safty parts  all stop
    5th  fault  car lock to music system start or off
    6th  fault  clutch  oil pipe  cracked
    7th fault  jbl speaker fail
    8 th fault  bonet inside and out side rusting
    9 th fault  all 4 tyer 20000km fail
    10th  fault  stearing oil pipe cracked
    11 th fault again bonet or metal parts rusting
    Good quality tata

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