10 Best Cheap New Luxury Cars This Year!

10 Best Cheap New Luxury Cars This Year!

These are the best 10 luxury cars out there today that won’t break the bank. These have great styling, amazing engines, and will give you the best driving experience available. This is what you want to focus in on if you’re in the market for a good, cheap luxury car.

I’ve been looking at all of these #cheap #luxury #cars from BMW, Mercedes, Acura, Infiniti, Jaguar, Audi, Lexus, and more makers.

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  1. Thanks for the nice and informative videos I'm really enjoying them. I have a c 200 but the older model and when I seeing your c300 coupe I'm really what to have one like yours. Very beautiful 🙂 But I would like to have a garage to have it because I would feel not nice to have it all the time outdoor 😕🙂

  2. people’s biggest mistake is buying a brand new car that depreciates quickly take for instance 2021 bmw 760LI xDrive M sport is $160k in 2023 that same car with 20-25k miles will be between $68-77k u basically lost $80k in two years of owning it 😂 same goes for any luxury car

  3. No Volvo on the list? 2 liter turbo engines that produce around 250 horsepower, eye-catching exterior, premium interior with all the bells and whistles aaaand good prices… don’t you guys have them in Canada?

  4. id have to disagree with him on audi being the best interior for that price. mercedes interior are on par if not better at that pricepoint. imo

  5. Actually, Jaguar Land Rover is a part of Indian automotive company Tata Motors Limited and has its root office at Whitley, Coventry, England.

  6. I have that Acura tlx a spec but it didn’t loose value it’s worth 31k right now and the dealer is buying it from me for 4K I had a lease

  7. The Q50 is such a bargain. Literally a baby GTR with the same smaller displacement engine in a luxury package and tunable to get 500+ with a few bolt- ons and tune

  8. Great content and videos 👍🏻
    I love how it feels you manage to film and make these videos alone without too much fancy equipment/editing.
    I truly believe that the C300 Coupe is one of the most beautiful cars made in this century.
    All others are very nice, mostly the CLA, but you've bought the most astonishing car in this price point 👍🏻
    Enjoy it 💐

  9. Im looking into getting a Mercedes Benz A200 Style 2017 and it comes with one year of warranty (still need to see what it protects) and it has 37 k miles. $15 k (US dollar) Sounds good?

  10. These so-called "luxury" cars do not seem luxury at all. They're all ugly as hell. They just look like normal sedans aside from the logos. I'd much rather buy a car that looks unique than buy any of those overpriced hunks of junk.

  11. Buying a cheap/used luxury car can end up being an expensive investment later on down the road when it comes time to replace/maintain parts

  12. I know people who bought the genius the best model and the leather fell apart nothing held up it looks pretty but is not a quality vehicle

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