10 Cheapest Cars to Buy New on the Humblest Budget in 2020

Let’s say you are a student fresh out of college, a parent searching for the first car for your teenage child or simply a driver who needs an affordable daily commuter. When shopping for a car, your most sound idea would be to go for a used model, but what if you enjoy free of charge maintenance, do not want to be bothered by the possible reliability issues and love the feel of a new product?

In this case, there still an option to buy a decent automobile on a rather limited budget and in today’s episode we will be reviewing these cheapest new cars of 2020 comparing their standard features and available addons.

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Chevrolet Spark: chevrolet.com/cars/spark

Many cars in the Chevy’s lineup faced the fate of discontinuation in 2019, while the lucky Spark was facelifted instead.

Mitsubishi Mirage: mitsubishicars.com/mirage/2020

While the 2020 Mitsubishi Mirage might not be the best-looking car even among the most affordable models on the market, it is a solid choice for new drivers and those who are looking for a small city commuter. Its base trim is called the ES, and it starts from under $15k after destination.

Hyundai Accent: hyundaiusa.com/accent/index.aspx

The 5th generation Hyundai Accent sedan premiered as a 2018 model, so this year, it carries over without major exterior and interior updates. The car, however, gets an enhanced powertrain: the new 1.6L 4-cylinder is more efficient, but also returns fewer horses, 120 instead of 130.

Nissan Versa: nissanusa.com/vehicles/cars/versa-sedan.html

Though the newly designed 2020 Nissan Versa is no longer the cheapest sedan on the American market, it is still a rather affordable pick, starting below 15k. Its entry-level S trim packs a 7-inch infotainment with Bluetooth and voice recognition, plus plenty of standard safety features.

Toyota Yaris: toyota.com/yaris

The Toyota Yaris is entering the 2020 model year in sedan and hatchback body styles riding on the Mazda 2 underpinning in the US, while the rest of the world is greeting an all new TNGA platform-based Yaris.

Kia Rio: kia.com/us/en/vehicle/rio/2019

The 2020 model year Rio is sold in sedan and 5-door hatchback body styles, the latter isn’t available in the base trim, hence an extra grand for the minimum asking price. This compact is receiving a new 1.6L 4-cylinder engine working in tandem with a CVT.

Honda Fit: automobiles.honda.com/fit

The new Honda Fit or Jazz, as it is known in many markets, has already been unveiled for Japan and Europe, but the US is not getting in 2020. Instead, the previous, 3rd generation model carries over with no major changes.

Fiat 500: fiatusa.com/500.html

Though discontinued for the US market, the 2019 Fiat 500 3-door remains a smart choice in small-car segment, especially if you are looking for an affordable daily commuter, but do not want to compromise on fun, comfort and styling. Currently, the model can be configured and ordered via Fiat’s website, though we are not sure if the company has enough inventory to last for the entire year.

Hyundai Venue: hyundaiusa.com/venue/index.aspx

2020 Hyundai Venue occupies the entry-level position in the Hyundai crossover-SUV range, being the smallest and the cheapest option available. Its pricing starts from $17,350 plus destination for the base SE trim, which gets you a rather roomy and comfy cabin with an 8-inch infotainment and plentry of standard driver assist features.

Kia Soul: kia.com/us/en/soul

The Kia Soul is a crossover hatchback hybrid that starting from 2020 offers reworked exterior, richer packaging and full smartphone connectivity.

Renault/Dacia Duster: dacia.co.uk/vehicles/duster.html

The Duster is a compact sport utility vehicle currently manufactured under the Romanian Dacia and French Renault brands. This is one of the most affordable internationally available crossovers that possesses decent specifications and actually has quite a zealous following.


  1. I've just purchased a vehicle for my son, who is driving 60 miles one way back and forth to college. Because of research, and my prior experience of owning a Honda Fit, my son now drives a $25k Honda HR-V. It has met all the needs of cargo space, AWD traction, driver visibility, safety features, and historic reliability and resale value.

  2. The American cars come complete with the factory and cost very cheap, the taxes of this country are very low and there are still people who complain, in Brazil despite the beautiful women, wonderful food and tropical climate the bad side of the country is very sad to comment. taxes are very high on everything you imagine buying whatever product, popular cars cost about four to five times more than any American car and luxury cars are more expensive than a house depending on the place !!! And to make matters worse they come naked from the factory without any comfort a huge list of accessories that make cars even more expensive is absurd what the damn politicians do with this wonderful country

  3. It's so tempting to buy the latest & greatest looking sports/muscle car even though it's not within your budget, and when you have student loan debt to pay off while also having a low end job.

  4. Nah, they all suck. The same brands appear so that tells you something. I know Kia/Hyundai has been doing better, but I don't feel these models is a good choice, but understand why he chose these.

  5. These are NOT entry-level new cars… which is what the video description suggests. This list should start with the Dacia Sandero which is available for about HALF the price of these cars. Other cars that should make this list include the Kia Picanto, the Hyundai i10, the Dacia Logan…

  6. You are right the picks are right and good going by the international market as most of the models you mentioned are available across the globe.

  7. It would be great to see a sedan version of the Honda fit in America. I'm also thinking it should offer a VX trim with a smaller 1.3L engine with a manual transmission. Nissan on the other hand has the Versa which is a great platform to help Mitsubishi make a proper new Mirage sedan or hatchback. I think that many Mitsubishi buyers though want a manual transmission. The next Chevy Spark would make more sense as a 3 door hatchback and could possibly take the crown as the most affordable new car.

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