10 Most Anticipated Electric Cars 2021 – 2022

In this video, we will show you best electric car and electric SUV coming 2021 – 2022. You will find out which electric vehicles are going to be top of the line for all these electric car brands. Most electric SUVs and electric crossovers are in the list with other electric vehicles. Make sure to watch this video until the end to find out everything about them!

0:14 Jaguar XJ
1:33 Audi e-tron GT
2:58 Tesla Roadster
4:13 Jaguar I-Pace
5:34 Mercedes Benz EQE
6:50 Volkswagen ID.4
7:52 BMW i7
8:48 Cadillac Lyriq
9:38 Mercedes Benz EQA
10:51 Lexus LQ



  1. It’s disgusting how all these electric vehicles are for the rich who already have gas money. Absolutely disgusting that there is no push on automakers to have one normal ev under 25K

  2. In the USA, even after governments FORCE the public to buy EVs, we'll have to keep a Petroleum vehicle to go places. The US DOD has already rejected any wide scale conversion to EV. The military will have massive electrical use of things like drone, electric motorcycles and recon vehicles, but not for any major equipment. I expect Police, First Responders, etc. will reject this too. I'd hate to have to wait 2 hours for an ambulance to charge enough to come to my aid.

    There is a better Electric solution, but no one mentions it. We had this better solution in the 1950s in Maryland.

  3. When someone makes an EV that can cruise like I do, up to 1100 miles without more than 15 minutes stop time for fuel, I will not be interested. That's ignoring the fact that there are almost no recharge stations and THEY COST TOO much to recharge.

  4. Ugly BMW, they just don't get it, its electric so smooth the front of the car and remove the stupid oversized kidney grills, the times
    they are a changing and get rid of the other stupid thing that you won't let go of, the gear selector is old hat, it's been well superseded.
    I'll take the Caddy thanks and then the Audi, you can forget the hybrid Lexus, imagine the complexity of a V6 engine plus two
    electric motors and the battery pack and the fuel tank and all the electronics to keep everything running in sync, what a nightmare.

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