10 Most Anticipated Electric Cars 2021 – 2022

In this video, we will show you best electric car and electric SUV coming 2021 – 2022. You will find out which electric vehicles are going to be top of the line for all these electric car brands. Most electric SUVs and electric crossovers are in the list with other electric vehicles. Make sure to watch this video until the end to find out everything about them!

0:14 Jaguar XJ
1:33 Audi e-tron GT
2:58 Tesla Roadster
4:13 Jaguar I-Pace
5:34 Mercedes Benz EQE
6:50 Volkswagen ID.4
7:52 BMW i7
8:48 Cadillac Lyriq
9:38 Mercedes Benz EQA
10:51 Lexus LQ