10 Most Fun Cars Under $30,000

This week James and Thomas consider the question: What new cars under 30 grand give you the most enjoyable experience? And what cars are at the tippy top of that list? Is it the 6 cylinder aged Nissan 370Z? Or does Hyundai have the answer? Could it be an American entry? Watch to find out. Safely filmed at home and in isolation.




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  1. The "awaken your primal instincts" part was so fucking hilarious. It's the reason I liked and subscribed

  2. Biggest bummer with the Civic is that it's no longer proper hatchback. With golf-like roofline or wagon, it would be perfect.

  3. Honda type r at 10th place ? U gotta be kidding me !!!! Honda’s and acuras are the enthusiasts number ONE car and most reliable ( infiniti as well ). U guys are completely wrong , well I guess just you tubers without any mechanical background

  4. The base models with fancy names is for dummys who dont care too much about cars, to make them feel good about themselves.

  5. I feel like the 10th gen Accord 2.0t could’ve been on the list. It’s faster than probably more than half of these cars

  6. I think the si with a tune full exhaust and intake bumps it to number one for the northern states

  7. Did you know one of the most fun cars that is on the 30K is a used Ford mustang 2016 convertible in competition orange

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