10 New Cars and Remastered Originals for True Admirers of Classic Design

If you are a true admirer of beautiful car designs, then you must be thirsty for good looking and unique automobiles, the likes that dominated the roads back in the day. Yes, nowadays we do live through the period of generic front fascias, multiple rebranded versions of the same car, and riskless design choices that try to appeal to everyone at the same time. But not everything is lost, in this lineup you will find new car models with modern takes on the classic designs as well as remastered retro beauties that keep their iconic looks but benefit from new components.

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Ultima RS: ultimasports.co.uk/Models/UltimaRS

Inspired by the timeless designs of the Group C Le Mans racers, the new Ultima RS supercar is aimed to outperform every other road-legal supercar on the market. It gets a range of Chevrolets V8 LS and LT engines, making from 430 to 1200 horses.

Lister Knobbly: lister.com/available-models/knobbly

The British sports car manufacturer, Lister Motor Company, made its name due to successful involvement in motorsport in the late 1950s. In 2018, the company re-released one of their most famous models, the 1958 Knobbly, as a road-legal racer. In early 2019, the company’s owner, Lawrence Whittaker, also announced that they working on a modern iteration of the original Knobbly, destined for production sometime in the future.

Vanderhall Carmel: vanderhallusa.com/carmel-blackjack-2

Despite having popular Venice and all-electric Edison street bullets, the Vanderhall lineup lacked something more powerful and luxury-oriented. And the 2020 Carmel arrives to fill this gap.

Zerolabs Ford Bronco: zerolabs.com/media

While we are still waiting for the revival of Ford’s SUV, the Los Angeles based startup Zero Labs has come up with an electrified version of the 1966-1977 Bronco. The new electric powertrain makes 440 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque, which represents a 500% improvement over the original.

Jaguar D-Type: media.jaguar.com/news/2018/02/jaguar-restarts-production-legendary-d-type-race-car

The last one of Jaguar’s legendary D-types, a car with 3 Le Mans 24 Hours wins on its record, rolled off the production line in 1956. Now, more than 60 years later, Jaguar Classic is ready to re-start its production, following the authentic engineering drawings.

Ares Design Progetto Uno and Due: aresdesign.com/en-us/cars/panther-progettouno/ / aresdesign.com/en-us/cars/wami-progettodue/

The Italian coachbuilder, Ares Design, has got a reputation for dedication and attention to detail in its remodeling projects. Their new “Legends Reborn” series is no different, and it reimagines the most iconic models of the 20th century. The first car of the series, ProgettoUno Panther, is a tribute to the 1970s De Tomaso Pantera, while the ProgettoDue Wami is inspired by the exclusive Maserati A6G 2000 from 1950s.

Land Rover Defender Heritage: chelseatruckcompany.com/trucks-for-sale/?slug=land-rover-defender

The love for the discontinued model didn’t just evaporate, but instead boosted the profits of custom workshops who specialize on the British legend. One of such enterprises is the Chelsea Truck Company and Kahn Design, who carry completely revitalized Defenders in all shapes and sizes

Superformance: superformance.com

The most distinguishable classics from Superformance’s inventory are without a doubt the exclusive legend of the 1960s. First up is the 1962 Corvette Grand Sport, next is the 1959 Daytona Coupe CSX9000 by Shelby’s Pete Brock and finally the 289 FIA Shelby Cobra.

David Brown Automotive Speedback GT and Speedback Silverstone Edition: davidbrownautomotive.com/speedback-gt /davidbrownautomotive.com/silverstone-edition/

David Brown Remastered MINI: davidbrownautomotive.com/mini-remastered/

Based on the design and dimensions of the original Mini produced between 1959 and 2000, David Brown Remastered MINI is fully reimagined using modern engineering approaches and technology. The perky little car is already available for order, taking 1000 hours to hand-build from ground up.


  1. Apologies in advance to the lady-drivers who watch our channel for the writing on the video thumbnail. By "true men" we are meaning "true admirers" of unique car designs, which are becoming very rare.

  2. Retro style with high tech interior components, better choice some mini or micro brands. My favorite is a Japanese maker Mitsuoka Motor

  3. Sorry, not for true men but for millionaire men (or women, or whoever…)
    Maybe for dreamers…
    True beauties for the 21st century, no doubt…!!

  4. Cool stuff, a couple ugly bits but neat to see how a golden era of the industry’s design history is being celebrated

  5. Sorry, that price for the mini is ludicrous,, that would end up costing way over 200k in Australia,, for what?

  6. About time. Why are all the new cars so vile. Over creatively designed by people with little to No taste and still manage to look cheap.
    This is a refreshingly wonderful re introduction of style sophistication and glamour. Please please make new pretty cars that can be enjoyed by all and at affordable prices.

  7. So, aside from a Vanderhall, I have no chance in hell of actually being able to afford one of these cars. Charming.

  8. Yeah. But that grille?? Looks like a spare part from the Ford Scorpio bin. And we all know that looked like a dog of a dog. Other than that………..it's great!

  9. I'm torn between the David Brown Speedback (which, to me, REALLY looks like a re-imagined Aston Martin DB4/DB5), which looks like it would be a SWEET road car…and the Lister, which would be just for fun. I think I'm going with the Speedback.

    BTW…that is NOT a 1959 Daytona Coupe. Those didn't come out until the mid sixties.

  10. American classics need to be revived with electro motors like that Bronco. Or something fun like the Mini. It looks gorgeous.

  11. I don't know about you but that bronco looked pretty amazing considering its an electric car with a stick shift!

  12. I don’t like two stage paint. It’s a cheat way to make paint shine. To prove my point imagine instead of shining your shoes you spray them with clear coat. Get my point? I appreciated polished enamel.

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