11 New Car Trends That Need to Die

Auto design trends change all the time. Some trends are awesome: heated seats, rearview cameras, and Bluetooth. But on the other hand, some trends are real, real bad … like the use of bigger and bigger iPad like screens getting stuck to the dashboard, cough cough Tesla. Join Nolan as he covers some of the worst trends, and which manufacturers are the worst offenders. No one is safe on this one, we take a look at Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Honda, Porsche, BMW, Tesla, and just about everyone in the auto industry!

WheelHouse answers all the questions about the automotive world you never thought to ask. Nolan Sykes looks at the history, sociology and psychology behind the cars you love, and the features you might overlook.

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  1. Honestly, the car feature that annoys me the most, is when you called a Toyota C-HR (Which the name sounds like I am in trouble) a Honda at the end of this video… Lol..You need to SEE HR!! lol

  2. So, the whole touch screen thing in cars.
    Do they really think that replacing a physical button that you can feel and press, without taking your eyes off the road, is better than the 2-3 seconds it takes to find the button and press it. And sure, nothing is going to jump out on the road in that 120 feet you just drove blind on, right?

  3. Almost bought a Subaru Forester a century or so ago. Dropped the idea as soon as I discovered the rear windows only rolled down halfway. Because only kids and dogs ever ride in the back of a car, no reason to let windows go all the way down for adults.

  4. Just noticed why do people not use speaker when on the phone in a car like ur gonna get caught easier why not use speaker like who els is listening

  5. I wanna mention as a Toyota tech, Toyota have that seatbelt unbuckled alarm in the rear seats. Problem with that, there's no occupant detection sensors in the back. So if the left rear door was opened, left rear seatbelt was buckled, and upon leaving the vehicle, that person unbuckles their seatbelt and leaves through the right door, the car will see it as that person doesn't have their seatbelt buckled upon moving. Because that person didn't leave through the left rear door. We get those all the time

  6. My bose radio can has the eula turned off and boom my radio just turns on.
    Radios are annoying.
    Im going to wire some switches. Mainly I want to be able to turn it off with a switch and instead of wiring a it to my combonation switch for day and night mode I want a independent switch as most of the time i want it dimmed.

  7. 6:03 – I've driven a car where the electronic "P" button is obscured by the shifter. You are probably wondering how, since "P" should be on the handle itself.
    Well, someone thought it was smart to have all the other gears on the shifter, except park, which is assigned it's very own button. Why.

  8. The fake vents are there because so it is shaped for when you want to install actual vents so you don't have to shaped your body so the fake vents are a good thing actually

  9. you cant have too maany cupholders
    one for soda/juice
    one for coffee
    one for cigarettes and a lighter
    one for change ( if u have a ashtray in car then use in other way) or like pens or a charger when its not plugged in.
    one for the co drivers cup?

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