12 New Car Gadgets You Should Buy
12 Coolest Car Gadgets You Must Have

Digital Side-view Monitors

Hudly Wireless


AUTO-VOX Solar Wireless Backup Camera

Roav VIVA Pro

Ford Locking Wheel Nut

Thinkware U1000

ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

ThiEYE CarView 3

RapidX X5 Plus

Mobileye 8 Connect

ZUS Smart Wireless Backup Camera

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  1. It really seems like an actual person is reading this, rather than text-to-talk, but there is something really off with it. Like parts of the script were written by an ESL student.

  2. These car gadgets would definitely be useful and above all very ideal for my own BatMobile these tools could definitely come in handy for the entire vehicle yet very subtle for car technology

  3. There is 1 way to damage a side mirror. And there are way too many things that can damage in a digital side camera.

  4. You can spend on endless gadgets we done without for years. With android auto I have my mobile in a holder & talk to the phone by saying hey Google play (then pick any song) or ask it any question you like. The best car gadget you can spend your car on & not expensive now us just a simple dash cam it serves a purpose if you need evidence.

  5. Nearly all are just dead weight for Asian market, whereby car sold already have reverse camera, dashboard camera, 9" or bigger Android console, 360° Camera view, Rear and front Collision Warning, front Collision auto breaking, Hi beam auto leveling and turning, Adaptive cruise control, Double USB port for both front and rear cabins and more included from locally manufactured car.
    Even the first one is only to please Lexus customers, Toyota don't even need them.

  6. Love how they used a BMW to showcase the ZUS smart vehicle health monitor as if we all know that german cars breaks down the moment you drive it off the lot. 😅

  7. Cool gadgets but my 2020 f 150 had all this technology already in the truck stock except for the side mirror camera and I wouldn’t want them.

  8. Caraide can jump most cars as long as they aren't dead WTF lol says in fine print needs atleast 50% charge my 1.5ah Milwaukee battery will jump it completely dead

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