12 New Electric Cars Coming In 2021

Electric cars have been becoming more and more popular throughout the years. Companies like Tesla continue to inspire other car manufacturers to step up their electric car builds, and because of all the hype, there are now electric cars almost all over the world from every company imaginable. HERE’S the top 12 electric cars that are expected to be released this year.

12. Tesla Cybertruck
The first electric car that you can expect in 2021 is technically not a car, and is technically not available in 2021. However, we felt that it was most definitely worth including in our list, purely because of the sheer hype this vehicle has generated even from the moment it was announced. The reason why we included this in our list, other than the popularity it has gained over time and as its production date comes closer, is because it is now available for customers to pre-order and purchase.

11. Volvo Polestar 2
This car is definitely a winner. Bringing Swedish style and a clean Volvo finish, it’s sure to rock your boats. It is set to be released this coming fall, and it is a fully electronic version of its counterpart, the Polestar 1 which is a gas-electric hybrid. Not to mention, this car has some amazing features to note as well: frameless mirrors, and a vegan interior fabric that is lighter than a feather, made to match the durability of a wetsuit.

10. Nissan Ariya
Set to arrive late this year, this car is a worthy successor of the Nissan Leaf EV. The original Nissan Leaf EV was a simple, modest design that garnered sales reaching almost half a million dollars. Now, the Nissan Ariya is stepping it up. This is a five-passenger crossover that has a startlingly sharp and aggressive appearance, and it’s all thanks to the concave surfacing and the wheels being pushed to the corners.

9. 2021 Mustang Mach-E
Ford is just as ready to step up its game, because the 2021 Mustang Mach-E is like nothing ever seen before. It turns its muscle car nameplate, the Mustang, into an electric dream. This crossover has four doors, which is yet another first for the brand, and even includes room for added gear and maybe even some groceries. Although it doesn’t look as classic and threatening as the traditional Mustang muscle car does, it definitely lives up to the brand’s reputation. The Mach-E offers a Performance Edition that allows it to run 60 miles per hour faster than a Porsche 911 GTS.

8. 2021 Mercedes Benz EQC
If you somehow still think that electric vehicles are limited to being family caravans and looking like the opposite of high class and luxury, this car will surely be enough to change your mind. The all-new Mercedes Benz EQC is a fully electric, five-seat crossover, which just screams elegance and class. It’s all pure Mercedes Benz, just electric. Other than its obviously gorgeous exterior, it also offers all the great performance you’d expect from a Mercedes Benz.

7. Volkswagen ID.4
Not only is Volkswagen releasing a battery-powered microbus and the ID. Buzz that is reminiscent of the “flower power” sixties, but it is also releasing this model, the Volkswagen ID.4. This car will be coming late this year, and the five seat crossover will be sporting a curvy compact look.

6. Volvo XC40 Recharge
Adding another Volvo to this list of cars, the polished XC40 crossover will be joined by a fully electric counterpart. Despite the compact footprint of the vehicle, the Recharge model will feature a stylish and smart interior with ample storage, much like its conventional gas-powered equivalent.

5. Hyundai IONIQ Electric
If the pricing of the previous cars were starting to make you cry, this car is sure to make up for those tears. The Hyundai IONIQ sedan now has a fully electric, plug in counterpart, which is now available in the market. It offers a range of up to 170 miles on a single charge, and has all the expected features and components for a car for this price.

4. Rivian R1S
Rivian was easily ahead of the game in the electric vehicle department, having released the R1T pickup truck before the Tesla Cybertruck was announced.

3. 2021 Audi e-tron GT
This electric vehicle provides a sleek, electric sedan with massive power and polish. It shares some architecture with the Porsche Taycan EV, excluding the streamlined bodywork. This car provides 590 horsepower and two motors.

2. BMW iNext
BMW is not to be excluded from this list. With an EV set to be produced this year, this compact, electric SUV will be a mind blowing option with several autonomous features.

1. GMC Hummer EV SUT
Wait a minute, a Hummer, on this list of electric cars? Yes, we know that Hummers were very well-known, in fact, notorious, for being some of the worst cars for the environment, with their quote and unquote, “militaristic, gas-guzzling SUVs.” However, despite their disappearance in 2010, they are now back in the game with better and more effective vehicles.


  1. I've been driving a Hyundai Kona Electric since March of 2019. It now has over 46,000 miles on it, the battery charges to 4.06 miles per KWh after untold charging cycles on my Level 2 home charger. That's right at 2.5 years ahead of all the vapor-ware cars "soon to hit the market," and I seem to remember they were saying the same thing about the same cars 3 years ago!
    If Hyundai decides to introduce an all EV version of the Santa Cruz, I'll be all over it!
    Hyundai has a proven track record, and aftermarket support of their entire lineup has always been outstanding.

  2. The Tesla is not a truck .. sorry need to get with the truck program, it doesn't even look similar to a truck

  3. You know I just wanna wake up one morning and find out that my portfolio is worth $5,000,000 I know it's possible.

  4. To all owners of electric cars and people just buying one…..Thanks for buying an EV your money will be used to get EV's to a point where they will be a viable option for purchase for anyone with a brain

  5. The range on most of these vehicles ranges from so-so to awful (170KM). Tesla’s current battery is better than that. The 4680 will put them even further ahead.

  6. you do have to realize that the farther away from the origional source of energy
    the less effeciancy you get. the amount of energy used at a power generation
    plant and emission is FAR more than would be used if it were directly powering
    your vehicle. just because you don't see exhaust does NOT mean you are not
    creating "greenhouse emission". that's the same as thinking that stuff made in
    china, with no pollution standard- is better than manufacturing stuff here in
    the USA where we have intense emission standards.

  7. The power grid CAN'T HANDLE THE LOAD NOW.
    SO….don't be sad when you have no AC or heat…
    But your tinker toy will be charged..MAYBE!

  8. Too bad that they chose LaBrie James as the spokesperson. Well, I will definitely never buy a Hummer, even though the pickup looked nice.

  9. YET, they have to mine the materials to make the batteries, import them AND THEN HAVE MILLIONS OF

  10. Numbers are always inflated so realistically, $40k+ to go 100 miles is one of the dumbest thing ever thought of by automakers

  11. RIP to poor Like me who can’t afford EV cause they are expensive and they will make gas vehicles instinct! I will just bike! Hopefully they make EV cheaper. I am not spending more than $25 k for a car.

  12. Dude range is everything with a price that want break the bank 🏦 plus a low insurance rate. So….if this is not what you can do scrap it.

  13. How did this obsession with boomer cars even start? SUV's are the most boring vehicles ever conceived!

  14. These companies made a lot of promises but let's see how the final product comes out I'm prepared to be underwhelmed

  15. You know they keep saying they are coming but were are they? Only Ford has made some kind of effort to put out a electric vehicle other than Tesla motors.

  16. Christine, what I’ve been told is plane and simple, the ozone layer and the green house affect, that’s what it’s all about!!!

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  18. Why cant build a car with a powerd aulternter to charge up the batterys with out having to plug it in and how much does cost to to replace them you have to burn coal to make electricey

  19. No mention of the ford F 150 lightning. But it's not supposed to come out until 2022. Lets see if Tesla truck comes out this year. I doubt it.

  20. The broad alarm cytogenetically help because attraction normally burn versus a amused step-brother. ajar, modern freon

  21. Australia has no car industry because the shorted sighted politicians.

    Elon Musk should be offered FREE LAND anywhere in Australia to build a mega factory, also any tax free mining claim to obtain the Lithium needed for Australian made batteries not for export.

    But will it happen ?
    No, because of brain dead politicions.
    And the out of control unions.

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