2021 Tata Tigor EV review – EV does it? | First Drive | Autocar India

If you’re looking to go electric, there’s a new option for you in the form of the Tata Tigor EV. Nikhil Bhatia tells you what it’s like and if it’s the EV to buy.

Camerapersons: Dinesh Harale, Shreyans Chordia
Editor: Mohit Sharma

0:00 – Introduction
0:51 – Tata Tigor EV battery and motor
1:08 – Tata Tigor EV performance
2:44 – Tigor EV vs Nexon EV
3:13 – Tigor EV vs Tigor AMT
3:20 – Tata Tigor EV creep mode
3:38 – Tata Tigor EV hill start
3:54 – Tata Tigor EV regenerative braking
4:32 – Tata Tigor EV handling
4:42 – Tata Tigor EV ride comfort
5:11 – Tata Tigor EV ground clearance
5:28 – Tata Tigor EV highway performance
5:55 – Tata Tigor EV range
6:08 – Tata Tigor EV charging
6:32 – Tata Tigor EV styling
7:27 – Tata Tigor EV boot space
7:45 – Tata Tigor EV battery protection
8:09 – Tata Tigor EV interior
9:23 – Tata Tigor EV features
9:45 – Tata Tigor EV rear seat
10:25 – Tata Tigor EV crash test rating & safety features
10:42 – The Nexon EV factor
11:08 – Tata Tigor EV price and verdict
12:06 – BTS

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  1. The Altroz EV and Tiago EV have been long due to the point of immense frustration. What fuels the frustration is the unasked for launch of Tigor EV.

    Tiago EV would have been a more affordable option which public would readily lap up and Altroz EV would give you more style space and presence.

  2. Our government is really rude they increase the price of petroleum products and when people look towards ev they put higher tax on them
    Shame of you govt
    These day's govt are stain to the legacy of old India's govt, when (manmohan Singh, Mahatma Gandhi etc)

  3. How many Indian customers can afford a car for city and another for long drives!! We still do not have the required infra for EV, and EV with TATA is always a risky proposition knowing quality issues with their newly launched cars….there are many Nexon EV customers who are repenting their decisions…….I would rather wait for 4-5 yrs. before making that switch. But good efforts from TATA👍

  4. A review in which we dedicate more time mentioning what color of the stitches are above rest. Doesn't even opens the front to show what's in there. Front wheel drive or rear wheel drive.

  5. The biggest problem with ev is its range. If ev could be changed with some type of instilled wind turbine , that could charge with incoming airflow, then ev can be replaced gasoline cars fully

  6. If someone wants to know the true range of EVs, I would recommend you to have 5 adult passengers in the car and test it. Weight is also a key factor for range test. I haven't seen anyone or any EV manufacturers giving range capacity with full weight.

  7. 70 thousand kms on a petrol car will cost us around 10 lakh rupee fuel ..
    70 thousand kms on a diesel car will cost us around 5 lakhs ..
    70 thousand kms on a EV will cost us around 50 thousand ..
    Excluding maintenance .. In EV tires and break pads are the only expenses ..

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