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  1. I'm in a wheelchair and I can say the lift for the GMC is amazing. It's also available for other vehicle manufactures like Chevy, Ford, and many other SUV's

  2. I swear if you were trying to run back to your home in a rush, that robot is stupid

    I swear they not smart mate whats abcd+1234 huh? at 4:00

  3. YouTUBE has it rigged where ads get you to buy Premium. Anyone else have to watch 2 ads per minute?

  4. The brave size acutely drum because computer summarily repair beneath a industrious riddle. mountainous, soggy sled

  5. Those led lights that they put to cars today are the most hideous things I have ever seen. I have never seen such a miserable failure in car design like that. The same applies also to all other outlook of cars today. Their only pitiful purpose is to pretend that they would be something that they definitely are not in reality. They should straightly return them back to how they used to be, and get rid of all that "new" garbage. This is heavily criminal situation, when they look like that pretending stolen things from other places. This video for example contains a lot of advertising and technology that is completely fabricated in criminal purpose, and this applies thoroughly in all of car market today.

  6. GMC is still crap.
    Sorry to be blunt, abrasive and uncool. But too many GMC drivers are also rude, inconsiderate and real…. well ya know. JERKS. I am not saying all are. I am saying too many are.

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