9 Best Upcoming Cars Launch in 2022 by Next 6 Months | New Suvs 2022 | Mahindra Suv | Best Suvs🔥

Hey guys, in this video I’ve shown you 9 Best Upcoming Cars Launch in india by 2022.We Discuss Tata Punch Cng,Hyundai Stargazer MPV,5-Door Force Gurkha,2022 Hyundai Venue Facelift,Tata Altroz Automatic,Next-gen Hyundai Verna,Suzuki Jimny 5-door,Volkswagen Virtus,Toyota Belta.We Discuss About Specs,Price,Safety Features,Launch Date.


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  1. Indian customers are not only price sensitive but are also becoming environmentally alert and attentive to alternate fuels. However foreign companies continue to pump in outdated fuel technology to the detriment of Indian economy, ecology and environment. customers are no more carried away by led day time lights or modified bumpers or rea view cameras- however much our so called self appointed Video auto journalist may want to project, pump unworthy information. If a auto is sensitive and technologically savvy he or she should ask the companies whose cars they are promoting (for a price) as to what are thee plans for hybrids, fuel cell cars and EVs and at what price range and when. Having sought and obtained such information then share for customers so they can take an informed decision. not the current auto VJs style. Current video is devoid of all sensible and sensitive info-very disappointing to say the least. Wake up to the realities.

  2. RPM , Not RMP .
    Kyon apna Mazak bana rahe ho. RPM is one of the basic terms of automotive industry.

  3. Without information on the petrol consumption and specific info on the hybrids possibility , the data provided is inadequate. It made an interesting listening. However value of the information provided for decision making will not fetch required marks. Pl get objective. The world of mobility is changing

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