A-Z best new cars coming 2021-2023 including the new Audi RS3!

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With all motor shows for the year cancelled due to coronavirus, we know lots of you will be having trouble keeping track of the best new cars due out in the near future.

If you’re one of these people, then you’re in luck! We’ve pulled together a list of all the best new cars due out in the next year or two, and we’ve added them all to this video! From Alfa Romeo and Audi through to Skoda and Volkswagen, we’ve got all the news you need to know when it comes to the hottest new cars which are just around the corner!

The question is, which are you most looking forward to? There’s a load of innovative EVs due – perhaps you’re ready to go electric? Or maybe you’re rather pick up a luxurious A8 or S63? Let us know which you want to see first in the comments!

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  1. What is the point of making those stupid faces , are you a clown ? Oh I got it . Typical British humor .

  2. Please can we get (or point me in the direction of) a video on manual hybrids e.g. Ford Puma?

  3. Why do cars cost so much they still do the same thing as I did 40 years ago get you from a to B, A $1000 car will do what a $100,000 car does, don’t Waste your money

  4. Top Gear should get rid of their current muppet presenters and give Mat the gig. Yianni would be good too.

  5. Sorry Matt I usually love your videos but so much talk about EVs is wack af. Try to give us better cars to be excited about

  6. I recommended you to *Caroline23hack*on instagram to programming ur car he does is work perfect in USA beast on electric condition

  7. No car should be called as the best, as it depends on your taste and how deep your pocket is.

  8. Electric cars cause cancer miscarriage autism from EMF the government mad as it takes the same C02 to make electric car Batteries as running a petrol car for eight years then it tonnes more to recycle

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