ALERT: Toyota’s 7 NEW All-Electric Cars Will Doom The EV Industry

Toyota has confirmed its intention to join the all-electric vehicle race. Its first act of manufacturing an all-electric vehicle seems to be in a way that disrupts the EV market as the fleet of electric cars that will be adding to its automobile portfolio is gathering some attention already.
Toyota recently pledged to release 7 new electric cars under its new BZ line. We’ll have a look at the BZ4X.
How Toyota is Disrupting EVs?

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  1. So how does this Toyota ev car replacement a truck? Can you fill it’s bed with 4×8 sheets and add lumber?

  2. Toyota is way behind along with Honda! Electric cars are the future there faster quieter and they can drive them selves practically these oil companies can stick it up there ass!

  3. too many flash pictures stressful music, no specs when describing the cars, we are in 2021 have a clrear message

  4. As always, join in till the automobile lobbyists manage to dispel the laws that are trying to reduce emissions. Remember back when California required zero emission vehicles so GM came out with EV-1 and what they did once they got that legislation canceled…

    It's lobbyists that we need to ban and how politicians are funded.

  5. Did I hear that right? 7 years? Why bother discussing it now considering how quickly ev tech is progressing?

  6. Come on with it I’m ready to scale back gasoline. Oil will always be needed to make the plastic housing of the electronics.

  7. What pisses me off is all these people buying total electric cars, plugging them into an outlet to charge it. Where do they think the power comes from, MARS! Some people are so DUMB!

  8. I like everything about it, except, "steer by wire". I don't like the idea, that a bad connection could leave me without steering……HARD PASS!! If the computer goes down, I would at least, like to pull safely off the road. I don't want brakes that rely on the computer either. I want to be able to stop, if there's an electrical fault.

  9. What a load of rubbish propaganda crap. Toyota disrupting the EV industry. Who ever makes these videos are so full of crap it hurts.
    Toyota is so far behind Tesla, it is a question of their survival.

  10. Rectangular steering “wheel” is ridiculous. Trying to look futuristic but then you can’t crank the wheel while keeping hands at ideal positions nor can you turn and let the wheel slip back to center in your hands while still holding on like a traditional circular steering wheel

  11. In translation – they're betting on affordable SS batteries.
    Frankly that's the only hope for BEVs mass adoption

  12. 1st of all… Toyota doesn't want to build EVs.

    2nd they haven't built them either, by the time they do they will be far behind the companies that are putting their all into EV tech, especially Tesla that will dominate because of all their very reliable charging locations.

    3rd the CEO of Toyota isn't the same type of person who created the brand and will run it into the ground. Toyota is doomed in my personal opinion. I also believe Ford and GM are done too.

  13. Toyota has been very anti-EV. They still want to be producing petrol cars way past other car manufacturers. I'll believe Toyota when I see it. Lots of talk and limited action.

  14. Got suckered by title. By producing more EVs toyota will doom the EV industry. Watch out EV sales, toyota has hype and press releases, that's what car buyers want.

  15. I'm a HUGE Toyota fan, but the title and what it suggests are unrealistic. No one including Toyota is going to doom the EV industry. Right now Tesla is the top dog and everyone knows it. I am glad other automakers pulled their heads out to finally compete in the EV space. But all they are doing is playing catch up to Tesla who is way out front. I will say if any one of the automakers has what it takes to really challenge Tesla it would be Toyota.

  16. No body cares until these things can charge at the same rate as a car fills up on a tank of gas. I can't travel between cities if there is an 8 hour charge time!

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