Anki Drive's New Cars and Racing Tracks

Today, Anki is announcing two new cars, two new tracks and a ‘race’ mode to go along with the standard ‘battle’ mode. The cars have their own specialties — Corax can mount multiple virtual ‘weapons’ for more battle-readiness and Hadion is faster as it has access to Turbo Boost right out of the box. The cars are $69 and available online at Anki and Amazon. Colleen Taylor visits Anki DRIVE in San Francisco to see their new cars and tracks in action.

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  1. Boring novelty overpriced horseshit. If I wanted to watch something go in circles without really controlling it, I would buy a goldfish bowl.

    Most people will be bored with this in 5 minutes. You don't really drive these things, you just watch them go round and round punching buttons on your iphone to get them to "do something". Also you have to have the same phones for them to work.

    Get real slot cars, they're a lot more fun at a fraction of the cost.

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