Are All New Cars IDENTICAL Underneath?

With so many new cars being based on the same platform, Rory Reid asks the question: Are all new cars now basically identical under their fancy bodywork? What separates one car from another? And are we being connected?

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  1. I spent years tearing VW Group cars apart and can confirm there is definitely a walk in 'costs' as you go from brand to brand. One example is sound deadening materials where you find better materials and more of it as you move up from Seat to VW to Audi to Porsche to Bentley. Also you will find Porsche do things differently then many of the other group cars – they are definitely the black sheep of the VW Group family

  2. So in theory Car manufacturers have gone backwards and the different brands could be classed as nothing more than coach builders of years ago; tarting up both internally and externally their offering. I wonder if Ford could do me a classic such as putting a Ford Capri body on a Mondeo chassis and that would be novel with the latest electrics/instruments in a retro Capri finish.

  3. It does, the case of VW, means that a Bentley, while more expensive to build, is cheaper to develop, and a Bentley becomes a much bigger money spinner, and much cheaper to roll out. Think of engines like the V10, the W12, the V8 and the straight 4. Used in maybe 30-50 different versions. How much money does that save that doesn’t really benefit the buyer? End of the day, my new car ends up sharing lots of cool tech that it wouldn’t have had access to 10 years before, I guess.

  4. The I Pace wasn't a completely fresh design, I worked on the suspension development. It takes a lot from the D7a platform, it's re-tuned and the layout changed a bit but the basic architecture came from the D7a platform, which is no bad thing because it's excellent

  5. Loving Rory’s videos. He’s like a younger, cooler James May. The two of them would be great working together.

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