Best New Cars Coming in 2022 and Beyond

The world may be changing all the time but that doesn’t stop manufacturers planning ahead. From electric crossovers to hatchbacks, these are the new models set for debut in 2022

Best new cars coming in 2022 and beyond

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    PLEASE. S T O P Honk Locking your car. The auto industry made a HUGE mistake creating such noise technology Everywhere. They could make in quietly. Dont accept their new norm as THE norm. Thank you.
    And yes it Can be turned to Light Flash ONLY on ALL vehicles. Please dont be attached to your HONK. Thank you. 🙏

  2. I’m looking for this certain car that I saw on Hulu that’s like a car golf cart kind of. That’s not a lot of description but if you even have an ounce of a thought of the name of it that would be great

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