Cade Cunningham: Fashion, new cars and best nicknames | NBA Today

Detroit Pistons rookie Cade Cunningham joins NBA Today to discuss his successes in his rookie season as well as answering a round of rapid fire questions.
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  1. Cade, Pat McAfee Show will increase your fanbase and exposure than these 🤡 at ESPN. Cmon man!

  2. Cade is ROTY if they want to rob him then its just another chip on the shoulder its still Detroit vs Everybody and always will be. We are very lucky to finally get the top pick and end up with a complete superstar who's humble and only cares about winning.

  3. Cade is that guy the numbers will explode by next year. He is a great leader and has such a calm demeanor. With more shooting around him his assists will go up. I can’t wait to see what the Pistons become

  4. Idk why but I feel like anthony Edward should play in Detroit, he definitely would fit well with that culture🤷🏿‍♂️

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  6. Why are they trying to act like he just started playing well? He had 8 bad games to start the year off

  7. MotorCade: a procession of motor vehicles, typically carrying and escorting a prominent person.

  8. Cade icewood is cool but Cade (I haven’t seen him) doesn’t wear iced out wood Cartiers. That’s what Blade Icewood was known for Iced out Wood Cartiers. Cade Icewood does sound dope for the streets But Cade is a ball player that represent Detroit so MotorCade is the best fit!

  9. I kinda feel bad for him that he got the draft day sentence of being sent to Detroit. Thats the worst punishment a #1 pick could get not just in the NBA but its the same in the other leagues. He's a good player but he deserves a better team than what he is given. Although if they win the lottery again things could get interesting.

  10. Barry is a good choice!just some nicknames for Cade

    The man
    My hero
    Big baller
    The one
    After-school special
    The chosen one

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  12. Most definitely has been consistent. He deserves ROTY. Put some extra talent around him and we’ll do even better ! Pistons all Day

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