CAR EATING SHARK ON THE LOOSE in Hot Wheels City!🦈😱 | New News | @Hot Wheels

It’s RACE DAY in Hot Wheels City, but Draven unleashes a CAR EATING SHARK on the city to kidnap Chase and Sophia Speed! Quinn Cosmic must face off against Draven’s Creatures to save Chase, Sophia and Hot Wheels City. If she can do it, Sophia might have a reward for her! #HotWheels #NewNews #HotWheelsCity

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About New News:
Get informed about the newest Hot Wheels City playsets with New News! Follow Chase and Elliot as they take you through the twists and turns of the new Hot Wheels City toys.

About Hot Wheels City:
In a world of wheels, all tracks lead to Hot Wheels City: a full-throttle metropolis that never hits the breaks, where overpasses loop through the bridge-and-tunnel landscape! But don’t get caught off guard, this city isn’t as safe as it seems…

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Race Day ROBBERY | New News | @Hot Wheels