Car of the Year 2021: meet the contenders | Wheels Australia

Wheels Car of The Year is the longest running award of its kind in the world. But this year it nearly didn’t happen. COVID almost made testing impossible but luckily we found a way to gather the 10 best cars of the previous 12 months. We’ll announce the winner on March 1 but before that, here’s a look at the cars trying to claim the trophy of Australia’s best new car.

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  1. You have to be crazy to buy car now and be ripped off on the high prices people are paying. When it's time to trade in a year or two you will pay the price!

  2. Where is the Skoda Kamiq?

    It’s won car of the year awards in other publications and in comparison tests with the Ford Puma it’s come out on top.

    Wheels has really lost its way recently and the only thing I can think of is it’s paid by manufacturers to promote cars – Wheels wasn’t like this 10+ years ago.

  3. WHEELS used to exclude contenders unless the entire range was available for COTY unless I’m mistaken. Have the rules changed?

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