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The Dacia Sandero is no longer our 2021 Car of the Year, after receiving a two-star Euro NCAP safety rating. For full details click here:

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  1. We've named our game-changing cars from the past 12 months – but let's hear your ideas! Tell us your favourites below 👇👇

  2. So this is what happened to school teachers during the lockdown. They become car testers for What Car!

  3. Maybe if Dacia started making cheaper ev cars it might force down the price of some of the other car makers.They do say though that things are cheap for a reason.

  4. I recommended you to *Caroline23hack*on instagram to programming ur car he does is work perfect in USA beast on electric condition online

  5. I recommended you to *Caroline23hack*on instagram to programming ur car he does is work perfect in USA beast on electric condition online

  6. Unde sunt sclavi care arunca cu pietre in dacia ? A ajuns in top cele mai bune masini ieftine si fiabile a ajuns

  7. Some Dacia cars only managed 2 stars Euro NCAP rating which makes them dangerous to drive ……steer clear of this brand if you value your life……

  8. Taking price into consideration is good but not taking safety into consideration is much worse. Dacia has a history of making coffins on wheels. Renault is cutting corners every time on Dacia to keep its prices low and every time, it's the safety.
    I wouldn't buy a Dacia ever and I am a biker for cryin' out loud!

  9. I would've thought that an ID 3 would win, but seeing how a petrol car won, that's still a sign for electric cars to try harder.

  10. I am not watching the Video..just here to ask how you can announce Car of the Year if the Year is just 4.5 month old?????????? You Guys O.K.????!!!!

  11. Mx-5. Best sports car, best convertible, best targa, best sedan, best suv, best limousine, best super car, best utility car, best 4×4, best truck, best mini van, best crossover, best station wagon. Best car, period.

  12. I few people on here slating the Sandero for the NCAP rating. The reason being that it does not have all the electronic gizmo's of some brands, whose equivalent cars cost £ thousands more. The new Sandero is based upon the current model Renault Clio and Nissan Juke, and is just as safe in a crash.

  13. The Dacia !, Imagine my surprise, who would have guessed ?
    Toyota Yaris Named 2021 European Car of the Year

  14. The Kia may be well appointed and reliable. Not too great sitting in the back,
    where it is noisy and uncomfortable

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