Cheapest New Cars for 2020 (by base price)

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Backseat Baby Window Sun Shade:
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Backseat Baby Mirror:
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Heavy Duty Bungee Cargo Net:
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DJI Mavic Pro 4k Quadcopter Aerial Drone:

3D MAXpider KAGU Floor Mats:

Weathertech DigitalFit Floorliner:
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Car Seat Gap Organizer:
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Real-Time Tire Pressure Monitoring System:
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Z-EDGE T4 Dash Cam Link:
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VanTop 4K WiFi Action Camera:
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Canary Car Security Camera:
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Waterproof Car Garbage Bin:
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In-Vehicle Trash Bin:
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Car Seat Protector Kick Mat:
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Lexol Leather Cleaner:
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Clip-on Polarized Driving Sunglasses:
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Night View Driving Fitover Glasses:
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  1. These are great cars but the only problem with them is that they you have a much higher chance of fatalities when in an accident because of how small they are

  2. The American cars come complete with the factory and cost very cheap, the taxes of this country are very low and there are still people who complain, in Brazil despite the beautiful women, wonderful food and tropical climate the bad side of the country is very sad to comment. taxes are very high on everything you imagine buying whatever product, popular cars cost about four to five times more than any American car and luxury cars are more expensive than a house depending on the place !!! And to make matters worse they come naked from the factory without any comfort a huge list of accessories that make cars even more expensive is absurd what the damn politicians do with this wonderful country

  3. These dont look to be the cheapest by far! Look at the Jayem Neo an india manufactured 124 mile range electric car for $7000 i dont think you done your research for this video.

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