Chinese cars are going to rule the world!

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We’ve got some news for you all… It looks like it won’t be too long until Chinese car manufacturers are soon set to take over the car world!

In the past, people haven’t made much of the offerings from Chinese manufacturers as they’re often seen to produce knock-off, cheap versions of Western cars. However, all of that is set to change pretty soon.

For example, NEO, a manufacturer of electric cars, is set to expand into Europe & USA by 2025. Its cars are revolutionary as rather than requiring you to charge up your car’s battery, you instead take it to a battery swapping station, where your car can be fitted with a fully charged battery in just 5 minutes!

Neo aren’t just the only ones, though! There’s also Xpeng Motors, a manufacturer that also specialises in electric cars. However, their cars are MUCH cheaper than established brands such as Tesla. For example, they have a Model Y competitor that costs just £18,000!

So what do you think, could Chinese manufacturers be set to take over the automotive world?! You’ll have to keep watching to find out!

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  1. You needn’t bother talking me through anything to do with China!! They are the biggest threat to world peace and here you are promoting them!! Will you do anything for money??? This video makes me 🤮

  2. You mean the whole world will drive a hongqi and waving the fascist CCP's flag on all the streets around the world? You know hongqi means "the red flag of the horrible CCP", right Mr. Carwow?! Not all the people are as spineless as the norwegians I think.

  3. Any chinese that able to afford non chinese car will not drive chinese car. no matter how good it claim. Jacky Chan said he will not buy chinese TV because it will explode, this is our mentality. I will never buy a chinese car or tire in my life. Those company has no moral ethic. I would not trust safety on chinese car

  4. Europe and the West in general are suiciding themselves with politics and ruler and regulations about every single thing, while China is 10x more free market and capitalist than any westerns country! With Europe now engaging in war with Russia and policies that cause insane amount of inflation and gas prices, China is poised to become the most dominant country in the world and the world's only superpower!

  5. They will take the world in EV market, if they don't start a war with Taiwan and because a possible crises it's on horizon no thanks, Toyota or Kia I am going to buy.

  6. As a Chinese, I am both proud and ashamed.

    Chinese automakers have good technology and strength to make very good cars.

    They can usually achieve 60-80% of the price of European and American counterparts on products of the same quality.

    But, but, but.

    Car dealers in China (meaning car dealers, not factories that make cars) often cut corners, create traps and play word games in contracts.

    And not only Chinese car companies, even foreign car companies will habitually cut corners after entering the Chinese market, and play with consumers as fools. A few months ago, there was a very sensational Porsche dealer in China who secretly sold Jane's cars to customers, and they didn't admit their mistakes after being discovered.

    They claim that "the steering wheel electronic power assist is out of stock due to the global chip shortage", so the cars they will leave in 2022 will remove the steering wheel electronic power assist function, but the difference is that the Porsche in Europe and the United States just lacks the chip, which means that when the chip After sufficient supply, consumers can go back to Porsche to install chips at any time, and the missing functions will be completely normal, but in the Chinese market, they have removed the entire electronic booster module, not just the chip, but the entire module. That means they didn't want consumers to enjoy the feature in the first place, even though it's written into the contract.
    This is just a small case in the auto market that has emerged from the latest scandal.

    But this fully proves that Chinese car dealers lack sufficient business ethics and basic integrity.

    In China, you can even find special media programs on TIKTOK to help you protect your rights in car buying and selling. As far as I know, there are no less than ten such programs, because consumers are often faced with huge dealer companies. Vulnerable, dealer companies have dedicated legal departments and the time and money to play court games with consumers. So these kinds of programs that help consumers fight lawsuits to gain attention have appeared.

    I have to say that today in 2022, consumers who buy cars with questionable quality still need to use the media to help them get back what should belong to them, which is really sad.

    Unfortunately, auto brands usually don't punish dealers because they can help automakers burn through a lot of inventory at once. In any case, consumers will only scold car dealers, but will not find the factory that makes the car.

    I think this sad phenomenon will continue for a long time in China.
    I have no doubt that Chinese car companies can make very good cars. In fact, China can even manufacture engines for fighter aircraft and space rockets.

    Cars and chassis are not difficult for China's technical strength.

    The real problem is that European, American and Japanese automakers have built strong patent barriers to protect their technology.

    Therefore, it is difficult for Chinese car companies that started very late to surpass Europe, America and Japan in gasoline cars.

    Electric cars are indeed a new track where no one is ahead, which means China can get a fair chance.

    So far they are doing pretty well.
    As a Chinese, I wish these Chinese car companies can develop healthily and develop their price butcher style to the world.

    I believe consumers also need some new competition to bring them better products and lower prices.

    At the same time, I also hope that the Chinese government can spend some time and energy to rectify the car dealership industry in the next few years.

    In fact, this is an incredible thing. In 2022, if you buy an industrial product produced by a mature assembly line, you still have to negotiate the price.

    The car you buy in New York is not the same price as the one you buy in Los Angeles, even though they are both made in the same factory and even have the exact same texture on the screws.

    The reason behind this is factory—dealer—consumer. This system is seriously outdated in my opinion. The dealers play a lot of bad roles in the middle. The only meaning of their existence is to consume a large amount of inventory for the factory at one time, and to help the factory to dispose of a large number of outdated and inventory products. And get back a lot of money.

    But today, when the Internet is so developed, I believe this system can be changed.

    Maybe one day, automakers will build their own sales channels, like mobile phones, from factories directly to consumers. The car you buy is the same price all over the world, there is no gray space, and you don't need to haggle.

  7. 谢谢主持人 介绍中国品牌汽车,虽然外观设计 还是 有些模仿国外知名品牌,希望以后有 更多自己的经典设计 和技术。中国人要保持谦逊 努力 坚韧 不自卑 有雄心的品格 向前不断前行。不要 被五毛 带节奏,不要 听 胡锡进 大嘴咧咧

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