Driving a Brand NEW Race Car Through the Rocky Mountains!! – Race Week 1.0 – Video 2

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Air Flow Research (AFR):

IDIDIT Steering

Who would think it’s a good idea to break a BRAND NEW race car in by driving it through the Rocky Mountains…? 😅 US! That’s the answer. I’m not sure that we thought it was a good idea, but it was our only option and it kind of sounded like a lot of fun, so that’s what we did lol And THANKFULLY it handled it even better than we expected. I followed our friends from Project Prime through the mountains trying to get the best shots with their camera car, and I can say it was one of the most intense driving situations I had been in! It’s just intense to drive high horsepower with skinny front wheels and tires with giant back tires with marginal brakes at semi high speeds around mountain corners and down hill on the back bumper of a car with a very expensive camera attached to it. But it was worth it! We also attempted to make a pass… but ran into new car issues… a dirty fuel system.🤦🏽‍♀️ Stay tuned… because in the next and last video we WILL make a pass 🙌🏼

Also a THANK YOU to @Project Priime for allowing me to included their killed footage in this video! Check them out on Instagram as well @projectpriime.

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  1. WOWW ALEX isn't that extremely dangerous @18:54 to have that rotating U-joint it appears to be on the drive shaft just out in the wide open like that spinning and free to get caught on cell phone charger cables and if by some unfortunate chance the thing explodes would it not shoot right at either the driver or passenger causing immense damage and possibly death??? 😳 two words "trans tunnel"

  2. That was a great video and it's nice to see the new car make it through that event and H R Drag Week both. As for no makeup, someone must have spent some time to have Dennis' hair that dishevelled.

  3. So awesome you guys are testing your ride out cause of Race Cars! Love the footage and that you guys were in my back yard, great looking scenery and great looking Car!

  4. hard to comprehend the technical differences between the '55 in two lane back top and yours……. all they every had to do was change the jets… constantly. "Gotta change the jets" ….. 😎

  5. 1976 Chevy El Comino Master Cylinder 350 block power brake truck will CURE THE BRAKES and bolt right on. To many Pistons on your Brakes the one you got wont flow enough Volume
    Kearney I grew up racing on that TRACK in the 60s and 70s LMAO My Dad was Stationed there in Flight School back in WW2 That is where he met my MOM

  6. Well I'll be dipped. Used to live up the road from where y'all stopped to get the image of Cousin Pat's Pub & Grill. Never dawned on us that was same "Mary's Cafe" building in the movie. Also am jealous! Over the years got pulled over multiple times and ticketed for mufflers, (running glass packs on a couple cars and Turbo chambered type on others) cruizin' the same roads in this video. But y'all motored on thru without issue?

  7. Taking me back to the two lane black top movie. When i was 14 me and my buddy ran away from home in my un finished 55, Drove it from Atlanta to Birmingham with no nothing straight headers riding on 5 gallon buckets of paint because i had no seats, long story. 👍

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