Forza Horizon 5 : Delorean, New Cars & Horizon Stories!! (FH5 Gameplay)

Forza Horizon 5’s Delorean is here! We’re jumping into more FH5 Freeroam Gameplay to explore Mexico! We’re checking out Forza Horizon 5 New Cars, Horizon Stories, Character Customization and more! Subscribe for more Forza Horizon 5 Gameplay, Car List, Customization, Houses, Story and the FH5 Lets Play!

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  1. I preordered it and it just released. But I’m vexed about the radio. In FH4, I’d turn it off and it would stay off, even if I close out and restart the game. But it turns on every time I open the game. Help?

  2. I would really like for the quest to put you in the old West and then you need to reach 88 mph and dodge bullets and horses

  3. I Preordered the Premium version started it at 00:01 Friday evening and didn’t see the DeLorean, didn’t get it, Is the opportunity over?

  4. In a year or so from now (if they don’t make it unlockable again for a while) the delorian is gonna be a pretty rare car that only day 1 players will have

  5. Can u ask the dev if they can make a wide body of the delorean with the rockets on the back like in back to the future

  6. One question I have is FH5 compatible wit the g923 steering wheel with the hand shifter and with the Xbox one s

  7. I know that it is a big probably not but I hope that it has time machine delorean cosmetic upgrades.

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