Forza Horizon 5 : NEW Cars & Freeroam Gameplay!! (FH5 Gameplay)

Forza Horizon 5’s Car List Grows! We’re jumping into more FH5 Freeroam Gameplay with a ton of new cars like the FH5 Ford F450, Hoonigan Escort V2, Porsche Taycan S and more! Subscribe for more Forza Horizon 5 Gameplay, Car List, Customization, Houses, Story and the FH5 Lets Play!

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  1. Here's some MORE Forza Horizon 5 Freeroam Gameplay using the new Ford F450, Porsche Taycan and Hoonigan Escort! What do you want to see next?

  2. I would love to be able to use the Ford dully to pull a trailer with my race car, drive to a track be able to “unload” it and go for a few laps around the track.

  3. Do we know if we'll be able to DPF and EGR delete that sexy F-450?😍. I just wanna be able to roal coal in a video game, is that too much to ask!?😂

  4. Please tell me they are adding b9 generation audi. rs5 rs3 if they added the s4 that would be sick..

  5. I cant wait to go through the goat modes in my virtual bronco since I can't get my hands on one in real life 😭

  6. Dude stop yelling it's just a marketing video you'll drop of a brain hemorrhage before you're 30.

  7. They need to get f150 single cabs 5.0 coyote and colorado single cab so i could 2j swap it ive seen it done in irl

  8. I'm kinda confused about how your the boss, if you are the boss realistically you don't race because you're just the boss who plans everything. Then does that mean you were also the boss in FH4? Then the whole game did the festival not even start yet?

  9. But the game is the same story/campaign it’s the same thing, idk what else they would do but it’s over played

  10. You should ask the developers when we will be able to diesel swap the cars like put a Cummins in the Cadillac

  11. Wish they’d make this into a Midtown Madness 4. Imagine playing cops and robbers with these graphics =]

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