Forza Horizon 5 – Over 35+ NEW Cars LEAKED! – *Huge File Leak*

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  1. The ones I want to see addressed l added, the Plymouth GTX, Plymouth barracuda, Dodge super bee and Dodge Coronet. Please and thank you!!!
    As these were in other Forza games, I have some real hope they will get added.
    I also really want to see the hot wheels edition car, the fiat 500 abarth, and definitely the 57 Thunderbird, and 68 Camaro.
    Classic muscle, and especially classic Mopar muscle! I want that GTX!
    My first ever car in real life was a 73 Plymouth Satellite, looked very similar to the GTX, it was the best car I've ever owned and over thirty years later, I miss it to this day!

  2. Wrong, the FTO and the Subraru Crosstrek were in the fh4 leaked car list. The Lincoln Continental as well to name a few. The hotwheels dually truck was in the FH4 Hotwheels Legends Pack.

  3. I just wouldn't understand how forza would have licensing problems when the crew 2 has almost every car imaginable that you can customize the hell out of like the gemera with a widebody

  4. Distinct lack of newer cars. Where is the new 911 gt3? The SF90? 765LT? New BMWs, 812 copetizione, laferrari aperta?

    I love the game but it would be nice to see some new cars rather than cars we have had previously.

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