Forza Horizon 5 – Over 35+ NEW Cars LEAKED! – *Huge File Leak*

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  1. The ones I want to see addressed l added, the Plymouth GTX, Plymouth barracuda, Dodge super bee and Dodge Coronet. Please and thank you!!!
    As these were in other Forza games, I have some real hope they will get added.
    I also really want to see the hot wheels edition car, the fiat 500 abarth, and definitely the 57 Thunderbird, and 68 Camaro.
    Classic muscle, and especially classic Mopar muscle! I want that GTX!
    My first ever car in real life was a 73 Plymouth Satellite, looked very similar to the GTX, it was the best car I've ever owned and over thirty years later, I miss it to this day!

  2. They should literally take every car in Motorsport that isn’t in horizon and just throw it into horizon.
    2004 Saleen s281, 2002 camaro, 2002 trans am, 2006 gto, etc.

  3. I am massively appointed . There are No new cars in the game . Please add the new 300mph cars f5 or any new cars

  4. I have seen the celica beeing driven by the bots multiple times and always made me drool, I hope they will ad the hyundai Genesis.

  5. give us the 2008 chrysler 300c srt8 along with the 06 charger srt8, also give us the 08 challenger srt10 concept

  6. Wrong, the FTO and the Subraru Crosstrek were in the fh4 leaked car list. The Lincoln Continental as well to name a few. The hotwheels dually truck was in the FH4 Hotwheels Legends Pack.

  7. I just screamed in excitement the moment the '77 Aston V8 was mentioned, i was really expecting it at some point.

  8. The SVJ you can see in the auction house but I don’t know when it’s coming in the game and the EVO, both those ferraris, the Audi TT are in the car pass

  9. Ay man I know it’s a funny thing to hope for but I was really wanting a del sole to make an appearance in a forza game. I thought it was a long shot but here we are.

  10. I just wouldn't understand how forza would have licensing problems when the crew 2 has almost every car imaginable that you can customize the hell out of like the gemera with a widebody

  11. Distinct lack of newer cars. Where is the new 911 gt3? The SF90? 765LT? New BMWs, 812 copetizione, laferrari aperta?

    I love the game but it would be nice to see some new cars rather than cars we have had previously.

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