From A to Z: All the Cool New Cars of the 2015 Geneva Motor Show (Part 1)

( ) From Ferrari to Lamborghini to Bugatti to McLaren–all of the newest, fastest and sexiest super cars and hyper-cars always debut at the Geneva Motor Show. This year is no exception. Join us as we show you not just the super cars but all of the new cars that rolled out onto the world stage at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show Part 1.

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  1. Lexus hardly ever creates a vehicle with even a decent design. I am far from a fan of Lexus.I also don't like Bugatti's and american cars because american cars suck and Bugatti's are overrated.

  2. Thank You for the video. I especially liked Mercedes GLE 450 4 Matic Model.And BMW B series new model. And also Tucson jeep is good.Which are remained on my mind.

  3. Great coverage of the show! Like all the cars except
    ……………………….Part 1 Hyundai FAIL , Part 2 Kia FAIL
    Does anyone actually want to see them !!!!  : – )

  4. That Aston Martin doesn't make sense to me.  It's like a luxury sports coupe for going off road.  I'm not sure who will buy that.  Maybe if there is an air suspension it could be OK. 

  5. Ironically, the one car in this whole line-up which really caught my eye was the Borgward. Its just funky in a cool way, not like that Lexus concept which was. OMG are hey serious. LOL!

  6. Great editing TFL! Nice music too. I can't wait for your report on the new Focus RS and the Civic Type R. I am looking forward for video 2 well done and keep up the good work…. Na Shledanou

  7. Why cant u fat Americans like wagons and hatchbacks because u cant fit in them? , i want that rs3 in the states!

  8. I was expecting way more from the SV, at least 800 hp, they didn't make it more special than the 50th anniversary, in fact people would pick the 50th over the SV.
    Ps: why BMW didn't bring the M2? Are they really saving it for the company anniversary? Any word on it?

  9. Great footage of The Geneva Auto Show. I like it allot better than whatever that was this morning. 

  10. The Borgward Isabella Coupe makes the rest look like milk floats. What an absolutely gorgeous car.

  11. If Lexus could make that 2 seater concept jump sand dunes I'd be in! That's the direction they should take it!

  12. Why did Lexus waste money and man power on that LF-SA concept car? Looks like a burn victim of a car. 

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