Global Chip Shortage: Are PLAYSTATIONS Killing New Cars?

A global chip shortage, caused by freak weather, coronavirus and fire, has affected new car production, and consumer gadgets like PlayStations are compounding the problem. Rory Reid explains the ins and outs, and examines whether there might be away around it.

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Texas snow storm





  1. It’s the dealers who are driving the prices up ,they don’t have to raise prices just because there’s a shortage, there’s jus profiteering, and pushing inflation up. It’s about time the government stopped this nonsense by putting up interest rate,

  2. On top of this in the uk new emission zone laws coming in which is driving second hand hybrid prices insanely high. 10 year old Lexus CT200h with 80k miles is 10k – madness

  3. How about stop using shit laggy infotainment systems in cars on PS1 formats and when we pay 60 grand; I get a PS5 speed infotainment system and seats that move when I get in the car not after waiting 40 seconds waiting for it to load.

  4. Not 100% right. But close enough. Nobody will just go and build their own Foundry or FAB to create chips. It takes years just to get the building up to spec and then you have to design and R&D and create the chips and then put in the software. Most car manufaturers will have a chip supply by then.
    Tesla are on to it. They get chips and code them so as long as the chips are right they can code them to whatever they want. They never halted their supply of chips in the pandemic when all other companies are working on the on demand supply chain. So, Tesla never lost their chip supply, they just recoded the chips to whatever they needed. I'm sure it wasn't that simple but in essence, they have the chips to continue production where other companies stopped supply and tried to restart supply only to find it isn't that easy.
    One of those boats off of LA is probably loaded with chips that will supply the whole US car industry. If you consider a chip is literally the size of a corn flake.

  5. All BS! There is no chip shortage….. everything at the Dollar Store is made in China. Still $1 , not $2! Asian countries , by and large are very adept and regimental in their work ethic. Excellent. This is just a way to price gouge.

  6. I Don't Need Another CAR!!!!!!! Keep Your FKG, Over Priced CARS & CHIP!!!!!!!
    To Bad, The Auto Builders, Don't Have Other CHIP, Building Plants, Such as in Mexico, DUH… Just Saying…

  7. If you think "THEY" don't control the weather you are a fool!
    Texas winter storm, Taiwan drought…
    See the bigger picture.
    This is ABD
    (All By Design)
    Freak weather, freak fire, freak virus?
    This dude isn't too bright!
    Bet he's fully vaccinated, for now until boosters are required to survive.
    Going to be a long Winter…

  8. Happy with my phone, happy with my 2007 diesel 2ltr turbo Citroen C5 and my little Dacia 1.5 3 pot diesel Sandero that returns 87 mpg on a run. so it doesnt matter to me that much.

  9. Chip shortage is because of the faults in the current manufacturing system. Currently the entire system is based on built as required with no stockpiling or protections.

    This single problem has been speed up because of corona but was going to happen one way or another. Toyota has been safe through this as because of a fire a few years ago they learnt of the fault and corrected it by having a small stockpile of important systems like chips.

    The entire process that the system everyone uses was started by Toyota as a way to compete and profit against American manufacturing fast bulk system of the time. Now every company used a worse and more problematic version of Toyota system

  10. All the Chips are made in China., China was never in lock down, they just exported their covid cases to rest of the world. The only reason there is a chip shortage is cause the Communist Chinese want to inflict as much harm as possible, and got sleepy selected to be president now they walking all over us and hes going out for Ice-cream that China pays for. This is economic warfare from china on America. Is why the CCP should never be allowed to own things in this manner then use them against people like they are now.

  11. This is the price of the current trend of adding more and more electronics to vehicles – costly and intricate and impossible to fix as well as the supply chain issues. My motorcycle is old, 2007 vintage… the only electronics on it are the EFI and ignition, which are integrated into a single 16-bit chipset/bus. You want the bells and whistles, you have to pay to play.

  12. I think something that Rory kind of skips over, the chip shortage isn't just affecting cars. Ask someone about trying to find a PS5 or an Xbox series X… Or say you have a PC and you want a new graphics card, to which I say good luck with that. They're going through the same frustration.
    Granted in the auto industry it's probably the most dire because some manufacturers, like Ford, straight up stop production because of the shortage. Don't get me wrong, I like my electronics… But I auto manufacturers feed people, their is guy/gal who can't take a shift right now because they are desperately waiting on a shipment coming probably from Taiwan and it's late. By months.

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