GRID | Season 2 Showcase – Six New Cars and Red Bull Ring | #LikeNoOther

GRID’s next slate of post-launch content takes things up a gear, with Season 2 and the Track Day Supercars pack, launching February 12 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Six new cars, built for both beauty and speed, drop into GRID, alongside another Career mode expansion and the addition of a world-renowned circuit. Ultimate Edition players receive the full slate of content, and there’s plenty of additions that are free for all players, too.

Make sure you have GRID: Ultimate Edition to experience Season 2 to its fullest. Standard Edition players can upgrade to Ultimate Edition below:

Xbox One –

PS4 –

PC –



  1. 0:55 “Brabham? Never heard of ‘em” was something I said multiple times as I went through this season. If I learned anything from Season 1, it’s that the weakest car (the Brabham, in this class) is just going to result in your teammate sucking, and yet, Ravenwest in their… cough. ULTIMATE WISDOM. cough. used them in the Showdown. Pick a lane, guys.
    1:35 Yaknow, RedBull did a ‘the best racing games to play in 2020’ article recently. No sign of GRID. You guys piss them off, or something? You’d think, with the inclusion of their ring in this season, that they’d mention ya…
    2:31 Oh Ravenwest, you’re so cute when you pretend you’d be any good without ‘Plot Armour’ backing you. 🤣

    I mean… RW’s Showdown Of 8 Laps of the full circuit, was still less pain than the 10 Laps with the R26, to be fair, so…

  2. My biggest fault with this game is that they removed drifting. That was an iconic part of the grid I remembered and loved. Any chance we'll see it back on a future update?

  3. I beg! I literally beg. Please release, Le Mans 24hr in season 3. Or at least give us Spa, Nordschleife. But for me personally, please, just give us the international event of Le Mans 24hr back. It was the reason I fell in love with Grid in the first place. To remove drifting is also a big bummer, but no 24hr made me not buying the game. I'm still extremely tempted though, just please add the 24hr race.

  4. Please give me MORE Gt3 and prototype cars such as Audi R8 LMS and Lamborghini Hurucan Gt3. And pit stop ANIMATION!!!!

  5. Season 3 should be 24 h of Lemans Ford V Ferrari movie based cars and circuit ,paying hommage to Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby it would be the perfect update ever

  6. Season 3 Nürburgring and street class?( C63 Amg. Bmw m2. Audi Rs4. BMW M5. dodge hellcat charger. Toyota supra mk4 mk5. Mitsubishi lancer evox.
    …) or mir cars per classes and an option to choose between 1.2 or 3 bodykits for some cars would be very cool and a better pvp


  7. Love the car sounds in this game. Would like to see split-screen multiplayer implemented in a future update.

  8. Excited to have the Red Bull Ring BUT this game sorely needs Bathurst! Seems so wrong having the Australian Supercars without the iconic track.

  9. And this is all for nothing……… sooo sad……. it could have been such a great game, but AAA strikes again…….

  10. Can we get more graphics settings on pc already? Options for: higher LOD distance, remove chromatic abberation, more AA options, etc

  11. Когда игра будет на Русском языке? Я из Украины, хотел бы купить! Фанат Race Driver Greed

  12. Who the damn HELL is that puts finger down? What is here to dislike? Can't understand…😳😖😵🤬🤬🤬

  13. FIX DAMAGE MODEL, if you can't due to licence, show players how to mod this game to make it happen at least. I'd love to smash these Ferraris, but I know this won't be possible. I wanted next Grid, not copy of Forza Motorsport with less content.

  14. The problem with GRID is.. After you played the first three races or so, it just the same same… Get so boring. Same cars, same track – same same…

  15. Niiiiiice,just never charge players for tracks and modes cause that will split up the player base only charge for customization.Thanks!

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