GTA 5 Online PS5 EARLY GAMEPLAY (New Cars, Features & More)

▶GTA 5 Online PS5 EARLY GAMEPLAY (New Cars, Features & More)

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  1. To all the cry babies; find a new game and quit complaining, if you don’t like it don’t play lol nobody is making you. The update was what I expected which is perfectly fine. Now grow up and move on if it’s “not enough”.

  2. I will say my xbox series x does run a solid 30 on fidelity but performance rt from doing the same test as you the reflections seem to be the same in performance rt and fidelity even with the carwash scenario so I just do performance rt

  3. they stll didn't update the traffic after all this time. And 2 of the "new" vehicles are just cars from the last update with mods they should've gotten in the last update.

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