GTA 5 Online The Contract DLC – This is how will new cars look like?

This is how will new cars look like in upcoming The Contract DLC in GTA 5 Online. If you have any question write in comment.
NEW Fastest car in GTA 5 Online? In this video we test which is best fully upgraded car to see which is fastest car in gta v online (all test we make it on Sandy Shores Airfield and Los Santos International Airport). We also test which is fastest muscle car, fastest supercar, fastest tuner car, fastest sport car, fastest offroad car, fastest suv, fastest bike etc. When NEW DLC cars release we show all drip feed cars, racing new released cars and racing all unreleased cars. If you have any question write in comment.
GTA 5 Online Fastest Car 2021

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❌ Zeno VS Ignus
❌ Buffalo STX VS Gauntlet Hellfire
❌ Pegassi Ignus VS Deveste Eight
❌ Declasse Granger 3600LX Customization
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🐦 La Fuente – Deep Down Inside (Outro Song)

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  1. Well in truth from playing the game from release date of gta 5 to now the cars have definitely got very realistic that it's scary thankfully rockstar has taken us into consideration and gave us the real deal we now can live the real car dream in grand theft auto finally

  2. Based on these designs I'll definitely be buying the 2 porches and probably pick up the aston martin aswell,

  3. Hello bro, I really liked your video, it made me and my friends more informed, thank you bro.

  4. hyped for the cullinan, i’ve been waiting for them to add something like that for so long and from the looks of it they’re definitely delivering. the aston martin looks amazing and so do the porsches. not a big fan of hypercars, but damn that lambo looks good too

  5. Lambo or tuatara

    Because the tuatara in the trailer has the roof down, which means a convertible and i personally love the convertibles in this game. But the lambo is sickkk asf

  6. That's not cars, just fancy expensive pieces of crap.

  7. For sure i'll buy the Champion. I like how the Aston Martin Victor is an hommage to the old but good Aston Martin V8 vantage from the 70's / 80's.

  8. Again, bunch of cars i don't care for.. That being said, I'll buy all the shits and never drive them, like always. Thanks Rockstar….

  9. My favourite out of these is definitely the Lambo. Will buy them all nonetheless but first the Lambo. From what I've heard and seen so far I have a feeling that this DLC is going to be huge and awesome! 🤩🥳 Can't wait!

  10. You're showing the Rolls-Royce the car in the next DLC is not a Rolls-Royce it's the car that President Putin of Russia runs around in it makes the Beast look like a wimp as far as horsepower and speed and it doesn't bottom out getting out of driveways and get hung up where they got to push it because it doesn't have the ability to lift itself over speed bumps are slope changes don't you remember Donald Trump being stuck in the driveway getting out of someplace the Beast is out of date and well technology as far as the car that gets the runaround in it has a shitload more horsepower and it's not only meant to withstand a fight it's meant to put up a fight

  11. I’m not sure if the suv is going to be a pfister. It will most likely be a new version of the Obey Rocoto

  12. Rockstar have the official art for the dlc right? And from the picture i can tell that rockstar is gonna make the new car similar from the real life

  13. Dude R* are getting crazy good with the designs of cars I know these are the real cars but Jesus these practically look the same in areas. It took me a second to click it in my head lol

  14. Hay un canal nuevo recién horneado llamado Leyla valluli que quizá es de la misma Rosalía y subió un clip del DLC se ve el coche del DLC y un edificio modificado y la estación de radio donde esa artista está hablando, lo subió hace una hora!!

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