GTA 5 The Contract DLC UPDATE!! | New Cars, Franklin/Dr.Dre Come to Online and MUCH MORE!

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  1. The fact they can pay for Dr. Dre, but not even try to give us a 60 FPS patch on sinks for gta or red dead when even Ubisoft can do it

  2. im curious about the Armory property, because there is the agency which has to be Franklins but there is also the Armory, could it be like a gun shop business like the mechanic business from Tuners?

  3. What if franklins office is the buliding that hasnt been built yet since mostly all the others are CEO offices

  4. I’m seeing a trend that’s tuners up they had sports cars The contract Update have supercars now that’s why I didn’t launch super cars in the tuner update

  5. It's getting to the point where it's too expensive to play video games anymore. Smh with all the add on n shit

  6. But why, instead of just giving us a few years to get off this money hungry "gta online",,,, just give us gta 6.

  7. Dr dre…meh, franklin's my boy!

    Less lethal sandbag shotgun would be cool, especially if it doesn't involve alerting the cops.

  8. There's seriously nothing to be hyped about non_warstock and cache cars cuz everyone griefs around using an opresssor or toreador or any other warstock vehicle so enus jubilee and Lamborghini or any other armoured car it's just useless the only thing I'm hyped about is mission that the dlc offers

  9. Does this mean radio los santos and west coast classics and maybe non stop pop fm will have updated music playlist like world wide fm and flylo fm did in cayo perico update from last year

  10. They really said “yeah yanno… gtao has been where most fans are… ahh I mean older fans are in red dead but uhh.. we need to focus on 2 things only.. sorry rdo”
    I meaaaan I’m not mad only because I deleted red dead 2 knowing it would be bad online so 🤷‍♂️

  11. Idk if I'm tripping in blind hope but to me the screenshot of his office looks like it could be the mile high building

  12. Now we need this for story mode dlc it be fun if rockstar let us to play as Franklin in online that we would be allow to chose online or Franklin in the bed room and sill change any character any time bro

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