GTA V All new & Unreleased cars and New features | LS Tuners DLC

GTA V Online new LS TUner DLC is out and In this video we’ll take a look at all released and unreleased cars in this dlc and also we’ll show you all new features added in game.
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  1. 0:11 Dinka RT3000(Honda S2000)
    0:48 Karin Calico GTF(Toyota Celia GT-four)
    1:21 Annis ZR350(Mazda Rx7(FD)
    2:00 Annis Remus(Nissan Silvia S13)
    2:31 Vapid dominator GTT(Ford mustang boss 302)
    3:01 Dink Jester RR(Toyota MK5 supra)
    3:30 Obey Tailgator S(Audi RS3)
    4:01 Vulkar Warrener HRK(Nissan Pickup truck
    4:43 Karin Futo GTX(Toyota AE86
    5:27 Annis Euros(Nissa fairlady 350,370Z)

  2. now that the new cars of the fast and furious saga have arrived you should make a new video of all F&F cars with the new cars 😉

  3. Can you make a video on the strongest plane in gta 5 and compare how much rockets and explosive rounds each takes

  4. There's major glitches. I bought a car and then secondly the Toyota Supra car. The game server kept saying save failed then eventually successful. I went on next Day to have 2 Supras and my first car was gone.

    Thanks Rockstar.

  5. Calico is the fastest vehicle (in the game, probably faster than the Speed Racer car. I don't have remember the name, i do have culture. Please don't have an anyreusm)

  6. Fun fact : the Dinka rt3000 is the only car, where u can roll down the windows ( on controller : d-pad right = windows go down, d-pad left = windows go up, u have to hold them for a few seconds and on pc I don’t know the key binds )

  7. First off there are only 5 distinct mustang variants in the game, as opposed to 3 Camaro variants and 3-4 charger variants (the hellfire classic custom is the game equivalent of the Dodge Challenger but it’s clearly supposed to be the Daytona). But to answer your question it’s because the mustang has more iconic variants. In the 60s their were many distinct and iconic variants like the original, the gt350, the 67-68 fast back, the gt500, the Mach 1, all of which are massive parts of car culture on par with entire brands. But in the case of the others, none of the variants are that iconic apart from maybe the yenko and the Daytona, all the rest at the end of the day are chargers and camaros regardless of the specs because they all look mostly identical, and the only thing you can really do is add in the different generations which the game does but you also run into the problem that the mustang ran longer than any other or these cars. The mustang has 5 iconic generations (1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th) whereas the Camaro has 4 (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and the charger only has 3 (2nd, 6th, 7th). Any way you slice it, the mustang is a huge part of car culture, it gave birth to the muscle car era and is by far the best selling muscle car of all time. Though If you wanna petition the devs for a 1st gen charger I would totally, such an under represented car.

  8. Rockstar just aren’t trying anymore to make their cars not identical to their real life copyrighted counterparts.

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