GTA V E&E New Cars, New Features & News of GTA VI

GTA V Exapnded & Enchance is releasing in march for PS5 and Xbox Series X & S. In this video we’ll show you new cars, new feature and graphic improvements in this next gen version of GTA V.



  1. I think to play GTA online, you should have to complete the storymode. What the fuck is the point in buying the game, if you dont play the best bit?

  2. I know it’s a small detail but the new version of the gt86 isn’t called a gt86 it’s a gr86. Just so you know

  3. If fast and furious was a dlc. The new mechanic is going to add transformation and multicraft capabilities to vehicles

  4. From what ive seen you dont get free cars and weapons but a big starter budget to purchase a high end car and equipment that will help you do missions and heists

  5. Does not say anything bout gta6. You know a least once a year they do this to mess with us. But ive given up hope on gta6 years ago. They not gonna waste millions on a game an throw it in the trash. When they comfrim it ill believe. Must say gta6. Until than the last 30 second a waste.

  6. Lo que deberíamos de hacer lo.mas importante como los que tengan ps4 es dejar gta online gratis sin plus por que ya salio la.ps5 y ya va a salir gta 5 para ps5 y yo tengo.ps4 pero deberían de hacerlo sin plus para ps4 y para ps5 si

  7. I can only play gta on my ps4 cus my mom dosent let me play it and I play it at my dads not moms I’m sad

  8. Why only ten like I don’t understand we wait years for faster cars and only get 10 fast then they get boring then they forgot and do another update 3 months later and forget bout speed 😪

  9. Ngl i feel like the one on the right is the benefactor krieger with a new paint job from hao maybe?

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