GTA V Online Contract DLC New Cars, New Weapons, New Characters and Everything else

New GTA V Online DLC: The Contract is announced and we’ll breakup it’s trailer and show you all new cars, new characters, new Weapons, new locations and properties and everything else in this DLC
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  1. I hate the fact there’s a cool down time for the missions I hate it. Like let me grind and keep grinding don’t want to have to wait and have nothing to do for couple mins

  2. I hope they add a option where you can remove the armored scales from the sides, I want it to be armored in secret like in real life. The only way to know is if someone tries to shoot you

  3. a nice detail is that in the sp mansion there is a photo that says ''los santos owns you'' and now in the trailer it says ''you own los santos''

  4. I can say i won't be listening too the the new radio station all i listen too is the los santos rock because all the rest i don't like at all i like the classic rock station only i just wish they would add a couple more songs from ac dc or iron maiden

  5. well this update is going to be a huge dissapointment, more overpriced supercars and music licenses that add nothing to the game. woo hoo.. thanks for nothing rockstar…

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