Have these new 2022 F1 cars made Sprints better?

We take a look into the Imola GP sprint and whether the new cars this year have made Sprints much better to watch.

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  1. I think what makes sprint not working is the cost cap. Why would they go full send with a car they could potentially crash, and then get behind in the big points fights. It just doesn't make sense and the sprints is just a eco driving event rather than a full pedal to the metal.

  2. The problem with Formula One teams is that they never read comments from knowledgeable fans. For example, Bottas sabotaged the team many times during the 2021 campaign. I wrote this very early urging Toto to sack Bottas and replace him with Russel. Had Toto got rid of Bottas when he first allowed Max to overtake so easily. Lewis could have won the championship much earlier before Abu Dhabi. But these guys just don't react in real-time advice. They don't even follow up to find out what someone is telling them. They are afraid someone may ask for payment. Clever engineers would look at Ferrari or Red Bull once and know what is good in their cars. Get fresh inventive people like me, who can read minds and decern the ideas of rival engineers. This is what Mercedes should do: 1) Reinforce the underbody so that there is no deformation under load. 2) Measure transient pressure under the body within one qualifying lap. Then install a spoiler valve to relieve the underbody pressure at 90% of maximum pressure, which is just before the laminar flow stalls. 3) if this works better, now vary the %-ge from 80% to 95% and monitor the lap time fluctuation. If you are not allowed to vary the pressure during the race, then run the system at 90%, thus 10% below maximum pressure. This way, you get rid of purpoising. Thanks to comments here, I can now prove that I told Wolf that Bottas was sabotaging both Mercedes and Hamilton. Later on, other people told Wolff openly, but he said that was not how Mercedes operated. But of late, Bottas has regularly been making comments that corroborate the fact that he was indeed not a team player at Mercedes … He threw away points that could have enabled Lewis to win the Championship outright. Toto, you don't need to be good to bad people. Bottas was bad for the team, at least in 2021, you tolerated him to your detriment. Mercedes is currently being sabotaged internally by engineers who were sympathetic to Bottas or who are friends with the engineers that left Mercedes to join Red Bull.

  3. Reverse the entire grid for the sprint, it'll give the lower midfield teams opportunities to gain points to help them to stay financially viable, give them a chance to really race and fine tune their racecreaft, plus the points aren't too much to even bother the top teams fighting for the championships.

  4. well let's see how WTF can talk les or negative bout rbr or max. I swear this whole channel is anti rbr or max. they always make max look simple or worse or bad in someway

  5. Biggest gripe I have with Sprint weekends are that parc ferme is now on Friday. It should be right before the Sprint. There isn't enough time from just one practice session to fine tune car setups.

  6. i think if the sprint didn't set the grid for sunday it would be fun to try things that mix up the grid for it, but f1 is (in theory) a serious sporting competition and something like a reverse grid sprint setting the grid for sunday seems at odds with that in my mind. i suppose it depends what f1's priorities are, but imo there are other motorsport competitions that cater to being whacky and fun better than f1.

    i think it's beside the point anyway because not in a million years will teams agree to setting a grand prix starting grid from anything like a reverse grid sprint, and i think you'd struggle to get them to agree to award points for it either. a separate sprint championship is probably the only way something like a reverse grid would be agreed to, and i'm not sure f1 would be keen on that idea because they might think it detracts from the main championships in some way

  7. how good (or not) are HAAS on the softs?

    Could be that they can't get them to last as long as others on the grid.

  8. I'm watching the race and I just saw the starting grid and it surprised me that both the HASS cars outqualified the Mercadies cars.

  9. I'm not worried about the tyres on the Ferrari as this is a balls out race.

    If they're on it from the start and they fail to break the Redbull, it's a shame, at most, however, the fact that the Ferrari can get the tyres into the windows and then start making use of them quicker than the rest, then, that's surely better for the race…where they're not going to be going as balls out and managing throughout.

  10. it didn't blow me away, I have to be honest.

    I see potential, and, as such, maybe it's a case of the track being too narrow for it to be anything more than processional behind all the action upfront.

  11. The sprint is to short, should be half race distance. You need a pressure of 2 softs or 1 medium strategy.

  12. The sprint was great but I think they should change the point system again, 1st: 10 points, 2nd: 8 points, 3rd: 6 points, 4th 4 points, 5th: points. This would really spice things up if lets say Verstappen has a "bad" quali and starts the sprint in 4th, he would really want to get up some positions because of the bigger jump in points

  13. Checo didn't underperform in quali, he got unlucky with red flags cancelling his best runs.

  14. In case it is a wet or a crazy race, I hope Lewis gets a great result or maybe even a win just so that people will stop questioning his talent and this is not coming from a Lewis fan

  15. Think there should be a few more sprints, make it a separate championship and have the starting grid reverse from the finishing position of the last race

  16. The problem is, that the sprint (at least this one) outsourced some overtakes to the Saturday. At least the chaos of lap one could be avoided that way.

  17. I think randomizing in group of five isn't bad
    So 1-5 being random in their group
    Then 6-10 same thing
    So that driver's won't try to be slower (well because when you are 9 or 10 you are not getting any point anyways so just be in 10 to become first on next day)

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