Here's Why It's Almost IMPOSSIBLE To Buy A New Or Used Car Or Truck Right Now!

If you’re shopping for a car or truck — whether it’s new or even used — you could be running into a frustrating wall. Nothing’s available, it seems, and what is available isn’t exactly a bargain. In this video, Andre and Roman explain the situation that’s depleting new car inventory and sending used car prices through the roof.

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  1. This is why I wish modern cars were more analog. Then we wouldn't have to rely on so many conductor chips to operate our vehicles such as brakes, infotainment screens, safety tech, etc. If cars were built the way they were just 20-30 years ago, we wouldn't even be in this predicament. Sure the pandemic still would've hit but lots would still be full since there would be no need for chips. They would probably be more reliable too with less technology interference. The only thing is they wouldn't be as safe considering a vast majority of safety technology and the airbags are heavily reliant on chips. Once removed, the cars won't be as safe but it would encourage drivers to be safer and more defensive while driving without relying on the aid of advanced safety features. That's the main caveat.

  2. It will balance out. Once a manufacturer has enough chips, they'll kneel over making as many affordable vehicles as possible simply because they'll make more money in quantity rather than 10-30% more on significantly fewer vehicles.

  3. In 2019 I bought new 2500 Cummins crew cab 4×4 big horn for $52,000. I put 16,000mi on it and traded it in last week for $52,000. Used the positive equity for a down payment on a f350 gasser. The end times market is wild.

  4. 2 months ago, I bought a 2002 Saturn SC2 with 35,000 miles on it! Paid $3,000 cash for it! Runs perfect, gets about 35 miles per gallon, has a/c, radio power windows, locks, everything i need to get around for super cheap. Why would anyone spend over $30,000 on a new car???

  5. Wait till next year. Auto production will be booming with much better selection. I’m
    An auto worker been layed off for months. Am praying 2022 is a big year for production playing catch-up and working overtime.

  6. Funny, I have not been to one car lot that was not loaded with new trucks!
    I see car transport trucks Full of New cars and Trucks on the highways.
    It's just like everything else artificial shortages to inflate prices.
    STOP Buying their bull and products. Things will suddenly change when their inventory sits 45 days.

  7. i just got a notice in the mail form the Ford Dealership here in Ky where bought a 2015 Focus at end of 2016 sayin they wanna buy it cuz they have no vehicles to sell

  8. I went for a recall on my Explorer to get serviced. They offered to pay off the complete loan (bout $19k) and throw $3,100(ish) on top.

  9. I have a 2019 F150 XLT. I paid new $31,200. Today my local Ford dealer called and offered me sight-unseen $38,000

  10. Welcome to socialism! Graft game has trickled down from government to the private sector. False supply problems creating demand. More profits for dealers and manufacturers.

  11. I hope prices go back down to normal.. I'd like to sell my truck and then get a newer one 2 years down the road. But what if the prices stay up even after chip inventory goes back to normal?😫

  12. I bought a Ford F150 in 2016, inventory lot looked VERY similar to the inventory lot last week. I have not seen this lack of inventory you speak of. As I walked around looking at trucks last weekend, the salesman joked, "this truck won't be here next week."

  13. 7:07 Figured I'd just add my own two cents in but I actually did just buy a brand new car three weeks ago from a Mazda dealer, traded in my old Mazda2 (in lieu of getting expensive repairs) for a brand new Mazda3 Sedan 'Select' trim, complete with some pre-installed dealer options (Pulse brakelight, nano-ceramic coat), and managed to haggle it down to just under what the original sticker price was listed at, and a couple grand below what the initial asking price was.

  14. My 2020 silverado 2500 had 49k sticker, paid 47k OTD (with TTL 10.25% here in long beach) in April 2020, sold it to carvana Feb 2021 for 46k and they sold it for 51k 2 weeks later…(I followed it as well)….

  15. There's plenty available near me, but most of them have over $100,000 miles and they are only 3 or 4 years old and they want too much for them

  16. I think the comment – like Porsche keeping supply just slightly under the demand to maximize desire AND profit – will be the new Dealer business model. This is all about the corporate "overlords" taking as much as they can get. It's like the government and a new tax. No tax is temporary. No scheme to get more profit from the consumer is temporary.

    I just traded a 2017 Ford Edge Titanium (with only 12000 actual miles) for a 2019 Honda Passport Elite (with 7300 actual miles, all recalls performed, AND almost every possible extra accessory already installed), and the dealer gave me $28,000 for the Edge…roughly (depending on your vicinity around the country), $5K-7K more than typical for a 2017 Edge in trade. I now have a practically new, tricked out Passport Elite for $12,000 out of pocket. The Honda 3.5L V-6 will last forever.

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