Here's Why New Cars Will be 10% MORE EXPENSIVE in 2022

The “perfect storm”:

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Daily News You Can Use from YAA. Today Ray and Zach dive into the lasting effects of the chip shortage and what impact it will have on car prices in 2022. Many manufacturers have already significantly increased MSRPs on their coming model year inventory. It also finally seems as if consumer demand is slowing down. What impact will that have on car prices? Find out!


  1. First things first… If you pay 50K for 5yr old truck with 90,000 miles. U deserve the headache and you deserve the monthly payment…..You also deserve giving it back to the bank when you cant handle the 700$ a month payment and all the problems that are going on with a truck with 90K miles. As well as being 10K upside down in a loan.

    Noones talking about this thou……Inflation ultimately leads to deflation. That is how an economic cycle works. Its either that or the value of the dollar will become worthless and US 'currency' will be like Zimbabwe's.

    If this price gouging and pass on of costs continues automakers and dealerships are going to literally price themselves out of business. They are like banks. Banks make money from giving people loans. If they only give loans to people with 800 credit scores and above…they don't have a very big market. Not everyone has a perfect credit score. Dealerships are in the market to sell automobiles. If they have such high selling points (not everyone can afford an 800$ a month truck payment). Then they will have no one to sell to.
    The price will change. Or they will price themselves out of business.

  2. The truth is that since toyota is held at such a high standard because of their reliability and affordability, they don't need much incentive even during normal times.

  3. You all still believe the auto.chips were not coming from China? The stickers are all over the parts. This is an embargo. The duration is about how much pain each alliance can take and how much damage a political party can sustain before it is thrown out. The US will cave to China next year to salvage Democrat majority. It may be too late, actually.

  4. Do electric cars require less or more chips? I feel the government might be having a play in our current shortages. 🤔 I really don’t care about car prices,easy solution is keep what you have for now and quit worrying about something you can’t control.👍

  5. Tonight my neighbor told me she traded in her nice truck in on a ‘19 Toyota Highlander with only 11,000 miles on it. She was unhappy with the deal and was leaving. Her husband stayed and they (Ford dealership) threw in a 100,000 mile warranty for free. What do you think she paid? I est. $32,000-36,000. NEVER!

  6. Impacts you don't initially see… go to a salvage yard! Anything newer, is picked clean as soon as it lands on the salvage yard lot. No new parts = people will now take used parts. We have a Prius in our work fleet that got wrecked. If this was 2019, the value would have been exceeded and it would have been totaled. NOT ANYMORE! It's worth so much now, it's going to be rebuilt… in 2-3 months, because they're waiting for parts on backorder. They can't even get OEM used parts. Vehicles that would normally be totaled from wrecks, are now being put back together because the book value is so over bloated. Something to think about – RENTAL CAR! Is your insurance going to cover a rental car for 2-3 months, or did you decline that coverage because you never thought it would take that long to get a repair?

  7. The app for doordash fees have gone up but they hadn’t paying dashers anymore a stander few mile delivery with no tip we get 2-3 bucks a delivery. We relie on tips base pay is useless

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