1. Why? Why I did it? I knew I shouldn't watch this video! I knew it!
    Your video are very good and it looks like you are very good at getting very good deals as well, I'll definitely be in touch soon.

  2. Hi John, I’ll buy a new car for my wife in 2025, we are looking at a Toyota Corolla ZR Hybrid 2 tone (black on top with body painted white). I’ll fill out the form in 2024.

  3. John I was most disappointed on 2 fronts with my buying experience this week.
    Purchased a cx5 gt turbo after 2 days of playing dealers off each other.
    Most disappointed that I didn’t get the hard sell from any dealer.
    Sure I had encounters with the old school sales guys, but no push for saxophone holders and ceramic headlight coating or a diamond encrusted lipstick holder.
    And then to rub it’s in further, there was no Ming moles in sight. 😕😕.
    I was looking forward to boobies and wasting all that effort.
    So I ended up with a contract on a spanking new one with 13% discount from the full retail price.
    I note they won’t show a contract until they know your on the x 🙄.
    So steeler delivery was 1600 but by that stage all the fun had been had and I was board.

    Secondly John.
    My new buddy Andrew at Georgie was a bit soft. I managed 1k more.
    Oh well that was a let down of a buying experience. I just wanted a challenge to brighten my day.
    Please excuse my punctuation

  4. "I do have plans for world domination but they keep getting pushed back, thanks to the freaking apocalypse." Damn this man's a straight up legend 😂

  5. I want to build a car but if you can understand the regulations and crap your better than me. hell, I can have a conversation about quantum physics but two pages into rta regulations on how to build an icv car and I am ready to shoot myself I put this here in the hopes that someone will do youtube videos and explain it all. I can not imagine I am the only one that wants to build a custom car ………instead of buying a hunk of junk designed to break down so the manufacturer makes more money…………

  6. Used your buying service for 2 cars great service, person I was dealing with left your company so I got another who we will call “useless” 10 days not contact or follow up won’t return calls. 3 cars lost and a customer.

  7. i brought a used car 3 months ago. our situation has changed and need something more practical. we went to a dealer for an evaluation and the said the odometer has been rooled back 80,000km and wont touch the vehicle. you seem like a really smart bloke when it comes to cars and dealers so was wondering if you had any advice?

  8. Young Jonathon, Some of your opinions make me want to turn away, but – just like driving past a car accident – I just can’t. Why don’t you ever give us any advice on leasing? Not so much the ‘pros and cons,’ as ‘what is the best way to do it?’

  9. Australia has lost its car industry. Why can't I buy a kit car now? is it government regulation, "nervous nellies" or the incessant lobbying of the MTA? You'd think there would be at least one Lotus 7 type to purchase in a kit for home assembly? You can purchase trikes in kits, why not car kits?

  10. Here in Brexitania the price of BMWs has gone up twice during the lockdown. The price of a car I was thinking of purchasing just before the lockdown is now £2200 more expensive.

  11. And if there are any problems after you fill in that form, just reply to that email that i sent you AND I WILL PERSONALLY SORT YOU OUT. . .
    EEK! My mistake! No problem John! Please don't hurt me! 🙂

  12. Hi John … "we do not track down dealer demonstrators". Does this apply to dealer registered vehicles that are listed as demonstrators on dealers' websites, but only have 8 or 10km on the clock?

  13. You're not wrong that dealerships exist on servicing department profit. When I had my Hyundai serviced the techs said I should have the pollen filter replaced. I stupidly agreed as hey, they already have the car. $105 for the part, plus GST, plus installation. A higher spec Ryco filter is $36. Delivered. And it takes around 2 minutes to fit.

  14. Friday purchased Kia Sportage through John’s site and saved about $3k and will be delivered registered in Tas delivered to the door. Whilst talking to his representative I at my own choice then added. Extras as tinting towbar sidesteps and some gorky interior stuff at extra cost but that was my choice. With extras was still cheaper than a vehicle here in Tas on showroom floor and will be new stock not one that has been sitting around for 6 months.
    So take the time and talk to John’s team.

  15. Thanks as always John…for years I have sent emails to at least 4 dealer ships near and far from me and given them the go ahead to quote a price on my next vehicle….I include details of the trade in…what finance I want (usually a Chattel Mortgage) and await their replies. When I have narrowed it down..usually to two dealers I then ask them to "sharpen the pencil a bit " and come back with the BEST price they can do. Like you suggest I don't want any of the "bullshit"extras etc.I use my own and very reliable finance broker and my accountant to oversee the whole process. And it works…saving me a lot of time and running around and being "pressured and pursued" by the dick head sales people !! When I am happy with the lowest price I go for a test drive with the dealer with the best deal and say very little….and then if I am happy I get the whole deal in writing from the dealer and send it to my accountant. Next step is as normal…pay a deposit and when ready pick up the vehicle but only after they have emailed a copy of the paper work I am signing to my accountant and finance man !! The only thing that pissed me off was I had arranged a direct debit for the lease and one dealer had snuck in a clause which said I would be charged $10 a month for them to Direct Debit…so over 3 years on the lease they would collect $360 over the term. I told them to get stuffed and they crossed that clause out. Well done mate and keep up the great work !!

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