How We Ran Out of New Cars

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COVID had a huge effect on the auto industry, and now manufacturers are removing features like auto stop/start because they don’t have the computer chips to operate car systems. Dealerships are also running low on inventory, with cars spending record low times on the lots.

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  1. I'm with you on 'waiting a while to buy a new car'. I actively looked at trading my 2018 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited JL Sahara on a new Gladiator. Jeep already sets the MSRP on Wranglers and Gladiators high. Because of the limited supply, event though I live in a fairly large market in the Seattle area, fining a unit in the color and with the options I want requires that I consider dealers that are up to 300 miles away. Also, the dealers are all tacking on high markups on top of the already high MSRP. I don't need a new Gladiator, I like my JLU Sahara, getting a new Gladiator is a want. I don't want to pay the premium all the dealers are asking right now, so I'll wait until I can buy one for less than MSRP. If that takes a long time or never happens, I'm quite happy with my current Wrangler.

  2. I just bought a new in stock car with alot of features for 30% off retail price, I'm talking, Android auto/Apple car play, heated seats and steering wheel, navigation, rear view camera, park pilot, lane assist, digital dash, start/stop with keyless start, … and alot more.

    Which makes me believe alot of cars are being made without being sold due to alot of consumers also having financial struggles, and not being able to afford brand new cars. Which in turn forces them to lower prices if they actually want to sell their cars.

    If you are willing to buy an in stock car that you didn't spec yourself but still has a good amount of features, you can find good deals in this day and age.
    Atleast this is the case for me buying a european car brand in Europe. But i bet it could be the same for American car brands in America?

    Anyone seen similar things in their region?

  3. Dont blame truckers dude. Blame warehousing and lackadaisical middle management. Truckers have to wait all over the place to get unloaded. Show up ontime and have to wait 10-24-48 hours or even more-UNPAID! Truckers keep America moving yet are TREATED LIKE GARBAGE NOWADAYS.

  4. Makes me think of the Obama regime when they instituted the “ cash for clunkers” program. Too bad those cars aren’t around now – worth quite a bit I would imagine ( providing they weren’t in states like Mn where they would have rusted out )

  5. I knew new cars were going to be a shortage, from factory shut downs to the chip shortage of material. Cars literally sitting and can't be sold because eof one part. Now we have used cars that used to be 2900 are now around 4200 – 5200.

  6. This is what happens when everything is made in China, they got us by the balls, I am pretty sure these chips can be manufactured in the USA, so who going to step up to the plate, and make these chips, oh yeah forgot China runs China Joe so that will never happen as long as he is in office, with his America last agenda, I be dreaming too much.

  7. Literally my year, this shortage was brutal finding a car, period! And I've given up on trying to find my GPU (I already waited a year + for the 3000 series, I guess I'll wait more)

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