HUGE Wreckfest UPDATE! NEW Cars, Tracks & Much More! – Wreckfest Update

HUGE Wreckfest UPDATE! NEW Cars, Tracks & Much More! – Wreckfest Update

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Intro/End Card Music:
Track: Jordan Schor – Cosmic (feat. Nathan Brumley) [NCS Release]
Music Curtesy of NoCopyrightSounds
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  1. Just bought it, great game to really enjoy and physics are nice, controls are adjustable..lots of circuits/tracks if you like this kind of car game, buy it 🙂 There are different cameraviews. Advantage is; you can just play a few minutes and finish the laps, without a whole storyline. Do one race and quit. That is nice too. Damage model is really fun.

  2. After 7 generations of Forza, this game has been a huge refreshing breath of air. My first few Banger races I had to remind myself it's not a sim LoL. Once I looked at the game in the right perspective, it's amazing! I have spent my entire middle school-29 years of living waiting for good damage modeling demo game for a console!!! Wreckfest is a dream come true! Just my first few days of play have been worth the Deluxe edition price!!

  3. Where is the DLC for the EU? I can only see for US. I am playing the game and earning and buying stuff – is the DLC exclusive or can be unlocked in the game? Otherwise I'm wasting my time (and money). I am progressing in the game and I want my DLC already! Anyone?

  4. hey Neil so from the games you play I can tell you like vehicular destruction, you should check out Crash N Burn, it came out on the PS2 and it's apparently a really underrated game, I haven't met anyone that's even heard of it, the damage model was really good for the time

  5. Are you fucking serious, I was so looking forward to seeing the new vehicle you were talking about and I just got an ad and it had the stig racing with a couch👋😂😢

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