I Bought A Mclaren & 3 New Cars…. (CAR COLLECTION UPDATE)

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  1. Get a MX-5 or guess it‘s called Miata where you live. I bought one 5 weeks ago and you will probably laugh when you hear that it has only 184 PS (that‘s horsepower, im from Germany) but that car is soooooo much fun. It‘s incredible. Just made my first holiday trip with it. Fun pure.

  2. He doesn't own any of this shit. Borrow or lease and make videos. Maybe actually go on a real trip or experience life.

  3. Born into a wealthy family. I’d wanna see a kid do this who was born poor or from the projects. If this kid was born into a low income family theres no way he’d be where he is. Not saying thats impossible just referring to him specifically.

  4. Bro what is up with your face in your thumbnails? It’s all so unrealistic and is actually kinda cringe.

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  6. Several clients bought brand new Mclaren and all broke down driving a Mclaren off the lot you lose about 50 percent off Msrp unless money is no option for the super rich don’t go Mclaren

  7. @sneakersonmag I never thought you could flip cars. Thanks for schooling us. Formula 1 is my fav. I saw you wanted Max to win but I’m forever going for Hamilton!

  8. Glad you’re having fun and making money but going from the gt3rs to that hideous mclaren is a major down grade. Love the m5 tho 🙌

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