Idiots Reunion – Our New Cars, Whatsapp Chat & 2022 Roadtrips!!

Sam, Tony and I get together for the first time properly since our European roadtrip! Sam is looking at buying a new car, we’re both annoying Tony and Tony just laughs at our stupid ideas and 2022 Roadtrip ideas!!

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  1. Why didn't you put "Vlog" in the title? It would be so much easier to identify the content type! Also changing background music and some cracking "crackling " text in the video and different timestamps along with some fast cut editing would make the watch more captivating! 🤗🫂

  2. This video was literally so funny. I haven’t enjoyed a video like this on the channel for months. Love that you guys are the same on and off camera lol. Please do more vlogs with Sam and Tony !!

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