Idiots Reunion – Our New Cars, Whatsapp Chat & 2022 Roadtrips!!

Sam, Tony and I get together for the first time properly since our European roadtrip! Sam is looking at buying a new car, we’re both annoying Tony and Tony just laughs at our stupid ideas and 2022 Roadtrip ideas!!

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  1. Videos with just Paul is fine, but when all his insufferable middle class pompous clown mates are featured it’s an instant pass

  2. Why didn't you put "Vlog" in the title? It would be so much easier to identify the content type! Also changing background music and some cracking "crackling " text in the video and different timestamps along with some fast cut editing would make the watch more captivating! 🤗🫂

  3. This video was literally so funny. I haven’t enjoyed a video like this on the channel for months. Love that you guys are the same on and off camera lol. Please do more vlogs with Sam and Tony !!

  4. Think outside the box, get a jeep trackhawk. 700 horsepower would be a nice daily and uncommon in the uk.

  5. I would either go with the RS4 or the E63S Wagon.. the RS6 isn't fascinating anymore. Over the top body kit and not got the minerals to back it up

  6. WHY is it the NO YOUTUBER takes the Virus serious !!!!!! they never wear a MASK ive never seen SOL ever wear a mask

  7. The real proof of Karma is that Tim Burton (Shmee150) never has this much fun anymore. He forfeited friendships for financial gain.

  8. Im confused watching this video, some footage from a few weeks ago in Europe but your talking about going to West London!

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