1. Hi, regret an error due to oversight – if car bought in less than 6 months in Financial year (i.e October onwards) then depreciation is 7.5% for that financial year and from next year 15% will be applied in books.

  2. But if car is purchased in any financial year after September month.. then depreciation would be reduced to half.. i.e. 7.5% only as the asset would be put to use for less than 182 days

  3. Proprietor ship ka jo fram hain us name pe car ownership karne ke liye konsa konsa document chaiye?

    Or propriot ship pe car papers hain to vo car parsonaly use kar shate hain ? (EXAMPLE agar app ka car koi company ka nam se register hain aur vo company ka owner app hain to app vo car leke koi v state pe long drive or toure purpers use kar sakte hain ??)

  4. That car rebate of 1,50,000 on interest we get on electric cars…. Is it annualy or overall tax rebate for that car

  5. Fake whatsapp no.share kyu karte hai jab koi response nhi Dena tha..online hote huye bhi koi bhi response nhi dete

  6. Hlo sir
    I want to buy a car
    And there was business
    Imean i have furniture shop
    So in this situation can i get discount in my new cars
    In rto ?????
    Sir please tell me

  7. sir ji mere pitaji itr file nahi karte hum ek car lene ki soch rahe he down payment 5 lakh karenge or 3lakh finance karenge kuch problem to nahi hoga na please replay dena sir

  8. Sir I am planning to buy tata nexon xms in jharkhand (hazaribagh) here the ex showroom price of the car is 881,400
    But in jharkhand the cars under 15 lakh has 6% RTO but the the showroom is costing registration + other related cost 82,410 I am confused because the the RTO here for that car is 52,884 so what so why 82,410?

  9. Very unfortunate…..only business men gets rebate…. salaried people should also be given tax benefits.. not a fair law for salaried

  10. सर किसी ने बताया कि बिजनेसमैन कार पर 15% पर ईयर के हिसाब से 6 साल तक डेप्रिसिएशन क्लेम कर सकता है क्या ये सही बात है🤔🤔

  11. You didn't talk about vehicle operating expenses of upto 1800 per month and 900 per month driver expenses for vehicles <1600 cc (I think). For >1600cc there's more deduction in taxable income.

  12. Conclusion ye hai ki middle class or salaried person ki kisi ko padi nai hai gadahe ki taraha mazduri kar ke government ko tax do

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