1. After seeing this… I am starting to save money for this tata avinya and this is my dream car now… ♥ and also this will be my 1st car.. 🤩
    Thank you tata motors… For making my dream car ♥

  2. #tatamotorscars no doubt Tata has reached a new bar in personal vehicle.
    People are buying Tata brands as it's Indian brand and many other reason. (Love for TATA)

    Still I feel outer body design need to improve a lot.
    All outer body elements need to be with a body line, and regular shape.. no janki panki….cuts, turns, numps.
    Looking for new design soon…

    Body outer elements layout like..
    Suzuki brezza 22
    Hundai creta 22
    VW tigun 22


  4. The car looks awesome! I don’t know why we have to listen to executives before we get to the meat! It would be great to just cut off the first 8 mins & just talk about the car!

  5. Me din me kar rha tha lunch
    Dimaag hil gaya road pe dekh ke gaadi punch ,
    Mere dil ❣️ ne kaha – Kisaan lagata he bizz- ye gaadi to he 1no. Chizz. 🤩

    Aree baba ab nahi jana he chook- abhi karwata Hu punch book 🤙

    Ha khana kha ke restaurant me use kiya mene card-
    5 star rating ke sath punch He bhot hard ,

    Jiske paas punch he usko kya gum he,
    india' s safest suv me dum he ,
    Iske aage baaki गाड़ियाँ paani kam he 💪

    Ab mujhse ho nahi raha he wait kyu nahi de rhe ho isse aap straight

    Manta hu ye gaadi he very much grand,
    But dil khush ho jata agar mil jaati hand to hand 💕 #TataPunch lover 🤩😍

    Ladka Or ladki kr rhe he setting Or yaha mujhse jheli na ja rhi punch ki Waiting….😞😔😟🥵

  6. लक्ष्मण क्लाथ हाउस says:

    Very nice car

  7. First respected Rattan Tataji 🙏🙏 makes a greeting.
    ♥️Dear TATA motor's Please make 7-8 seater car for the middle class family
    Thank you

  8. The car is like a 9 seater but it is a 5 seater this show how spacious car this is and logo of tata is designed like lights

  9. Electric two wheeler startup > Tata
    Your electric cars are like the IC car converted to electric by its owner .
    Though this one looks a bit different , design isn't impressive and I am sure your production model won't be any good . Not feeling like owning a tata car . India needs better , please step up . Work on your own motor and battery technology .

  10. TATA motors doing good enovation
    But product introducing speed is very slow
    Company must need to solve this issue
    To capture ev market opportunities
    Best wishes 🙏🙏

  11. 𝓓𝓱𝓲𝓵𝓵𝓮𝓼𝔀𝓪𝓻𝓪 says:

    This car will definitely rule the Indian or even world motor industry.
    Feeling excited to see these cars on road.

    I am Extremely proud that this car is an Indian products. 🇮🇳🇮🇳💓

  12. With out sun life is impossible on Earth,
    Without water life is impossible on Earth,
    And without Ratan Tata sir humanity is impossible on Earth♥️

  13. I love tata product but Now feel my decision is not correct its another level for me..

    Thank you Tata motor for this one..

  14. Thanks for bringing such world-class technology and safety together at a single platform.

  15. I never heard about TATA motors,, I mean is it not so ideal for such a small company? Any way..I wonder how those small headlights can lighten the road at night..

  16. The huge huge and very huge problems in India are Dust, Pollution, Parking Space, bad roads and less charging point. If all this problems gets solved people will buy ev's at any cost. Hope Tata Motors is aware of that.

  17. Tata showcased Avinya, will be available in 2-3 years. Whereas Kia is launching EV6 next month. Waiting for Altroz or Punch EV

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