Introducing Concept Curvv | Different By Design

Introducing Concept Curvv

A New Electric SUV Concept that is #DifferentByDesign.

Intricately designed and uniquely crafted.


#EvolveToElectric #TataCurvvEV


  1. Me din me kar rha tha lunch
    Dimaag hil gaya road pe dekh ke gaadi punch ,
    Mere dil ❣️ ne kaha – Kisaan lagata he bizz- ye gaadi to he 1no. Chizz. 🤩

    Aree baba ab nahi jana he chook- abhi karwata Hu punch book 🤙

    Ha khana kha ke restaurant me use kiya mene card-
    5 star rating ke sath punch He bhot hard ,

    Jiske paas punch he usko kya gum he,
    india' s safest suv me dum he ,
    Iske aage baaki गाड़ियाँ paani kam he 💪

    Ab mujhse ho nahi raha he wait kyu nahi de rhe ho isse aap straight

    Manta hu ye gaadi he very much grand,
    But dil khush ho jata agar mil jaati hand to hand 💕 #TataPunch lover 🤩😍

    Ladka Or ladki kr rhe he setting Or yaha mujhse jheli na ja rhi punch ki Waiting….😞😔😟🥵

  2. Massage सच्चे है आप सब TATA BRAND को बदनाम कर रहै हो देखके भी आंखो पर पट्टी बाध रखी है सब फॉल्ट सब रेकोडीग विडियो सब फॉल्ट सब मेईल पर लीखा सब धमकीया सब कुछ भेजा हे मेईल ओर ट्वीटर पर खोले आंखो ओर न्याय करो सच्चाई के मेसेज मील रहे वो देखो

  3. नयी कारो मे जो बार बार हर महीने एक नयी फॉल्ट आ रही हे TATA HARRIER XZ PREMIUM CAR GJ O3 LB 8388

  4. Tata harrier xz
    Perchesh bhagwati autolink junagadh
    1st  fault  ac water pipe lekage car perchesh third days  water inside  driverside  and passanger side
    2nd fault  disel pump cracked
    3rd  fault  music system hang  cruise control rewers camera safty parts  all stop
    5th  fault  car lock to music system start or off
    6th  fault  clutch  oil pipe  cracked
    7th fault  jbl speaker fail
    8 th fault  bonet inside and out side rusting
    9 th fault  all 4 tyer 20000km fail
    10th  fault  stearing oil pipe cracked
    11 th fault again bonet or metal parts rusting
    Good quality tata

  5. Provide 5 airbags in Nexon top model, drawback is only 2 airbags in premium model tooo…

  6. First respected Rattan Tataji 🙏🙏 makes a greeting.
    ♥️Dear TATA motor's Please make 7-8 seater car for the middle class family
    Thank you

  7. Jay hind 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
    Jay bihar ❤❤❤❤❤
    Respect🙏 sir I love TATA
    BUT I can't complete understand English language video please🙏

  8. I love this this looks like a version of Audi! I will surely buy it from bahrain! If I can afford to.

    Just one thing is my personal wish if there were some leather seats like if you agree there should be leather seats.

    Also also there should be an option of cream color that has a yellowish tint option I think coz that would look awesome for me.

  9. There is no doubt that the design of Tata will make India strong again, just like the great Mughal dynasty, who dominated the Indian peninsula, the great Lord created everything, and Muslims all over the world are proud of Tata! !

  10. I wish tata motor make car little retro types I mean like dodge Challenger.
    head light or similar hood up side not make 40 degrees down side hood it not look good form front

  11. I didnt care about TATA share price.. first D-Mat- account.. blindly buy shares of TATA w/o thinking..!!

    TATA Team,

    Small request, can you please re-launch TATA NANO ev version in a best possible budget..!!

  12. Me seeing bmw x4- when coupe suv launches in India
    Tata – this is for you
    Me – 🤩🤩😍😍

  13. Everything is going good for tata motors. New and trendy concepts for Indian customers. But Tata Curvv is feeling somewhat like a Bmw crossover coupe and another Chinese copycat which they shamelessly do.
    But to the main concern for Tata motors is the petrol engine and drivetrain department which lags way behind in performance and durability. Tata motors is not addressing to this major part at all. Tata motors can make collaboration and technology transfer from Japanese majors like Yamaha who are known for their engine wizardary and they have built engines for Toyota, Ford and many other major automobile manufacturer's. We can approach Honda and Nissan also who build bullet proof engines. They can be approached in all capacities (1.0, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0 and 3.0 V6) all in naturally aspirated and turbocharged forms according to vehicle requirements. We are suggesting 3.0 V6 for some high performance models in future. We are suggesting Japanese engines because they are very refined, have good performance and is very durable. As everyone knows their engines are future proof and can take any kind of modifications for emission norms.
    Kimdly requesting Tata motors to take immediate steps to get some good solid collaboration with any of the Japanese majors for some good and performance oriented petrol engines which also long lasting. Yes we know the initial cost of technology transfer and factories will be on the higher side but it will benefit Tata motors and all Indian and international customers who expect very good performance and reloability from Tata motors.

  14. I have one pet peep every single concept car that tata shown has a weird design for display……my suggestion is just copy Tesla……they have gotten it right………. just copy it…… otherwise it's a good design…… just make sure to get display right…………

  15. Sir TATA group k liye ab ek new logo launch kriye ho sake to Ratan tata sir tk mera ye msg phuchaiye ki ab Ratan tata sir apne hatho se TATA group k liye ek new logo launch kre

  16. It must be design by indian designer.. nothing new…. not impresive… Thats why people like other brand…

  17. Sirf mere ko ya kisi aur ko b Lagta hai k, Tata ne shapat leli har foreign country car manufacturers ko India se bhagane k liye. 🔥 Tata. Excited to book Nexon soon

  18. @TataMotors such a pathetic sunday service by Tata SC. No one is coming for help. I baught my car 1 month ago. In last week I had 1st service and today I found AC gas leakage. Today I called every service cent. also to emerg. services to solve the issue as I was going out of city. They spoiled my entire vacation just because of AC is not working in summer. And no one is available in their service center on Sunday. Why Tata people can't keep their employees on rotational weekly off? Why customer should face the problem?

  19. You come up with excellent cars. But, please make your service also good enough. Several negative feedbacks from my friends

  20. Bilkul esi ki esi launch kardo curve ko Aaj he buy kar lunga but only thing I need is at least 500 km range.

  21. TATA makes us Indians proud once again. Amazing work,beautifully executed, technologically superior. Can't wait to buy it !!! 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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