Introducing My New McLaren 720S Project Car FIRST DRIVE!

A McLaren 720S finally joins the garage, after ordering a 720S back when it launched in 2017 but subsequently choosing to spend more time in the McLaren 675LT – we finally have a McLaren 720S on the channel only, this time it’s here as one of our first project cars! Comments below what you would like to see from this project car series – can we get 900hp? New bodykit, lightweight exhaust? You name it!

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  1. There are certain things that top gear did which were memorable…with a "huge" budget and you wanted to watch again and again.. however the start of this video is a game changer 👏👏

  2. Over this summer, I have gradually found myself feeling less interested in my favorite automotive creators' uploads. Same cars different people, similar shpeal. But thank god I can rely on Mr. JWW to send it with the very best cinematography and perfect locations to reveal to us probably the nicest examples of Senna, 720s, and GT3 I have ever seen. I can honestly sit and rewatch these videos purely based on the enjoyment I am feeling through my eyes and ears. You have found that perfect nirvana of automotive entertainment that all others seem to be missing. I am truly captivated by what is to come. Well done, sir!

  3. Now, this is more up my street, while the Senna is just a out and out track focused bad ass i would have the 720s over the Senna, it is a beautiful car and if i ever win the lotto, this is top of the list of first things to buy, just the 765LT to go MR JWW 😉

  4. Without doubt this is the best car content channel on any medium. Fabulous production, sensational cars and MrJWW. Does it get any better??
    BTW.. that scenery could have been shot in Tasmania. Glorious country.

  5. Stunning. Just stunning. James, if you are going to do a project build, please do a video on some dyno pulls before you touch any performance modifications. These cars are notorious for producing quite a bit more power than the quoted 720 PS…some owners have seen 720 – 750 hp ON THE WHEELS! Putting the engine power at 820 – 850 hp. 900 hp might be much closer than you realize.

  6. I am not sure if you will be able to appreciate any additional horsepower here in Europe as the car is traction limited as standard and uses boost by gear in the engine management, but I am looking forward to seeing where this build goes. YT Drag Times got their 720 into the 9s on well prepared drag strips. Calvo Vipers making over 1,600hp only do roll racing from 80 to 180.

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