I’ve Bought TWO New Cars For 2020!

I Bought Two INSANE Cars For 2020! | Garage Update


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  1. Well no carbon fibre music to my ears. I hate carbon fibre piano black plastic and silver/ drilled stainless. They are my pet hates in car interiors. Lazy cheap and naff

  2. His going on as if everyone will be buying one with cash most of them will be on finance or lease. Lol pay 50k after 2 years it will be 38k if that 4 pot 45's loose value quicker than a lotus evora's

  3. Genuine question and not trying to be a bellend what so ever but do the A45, RS6 and SVR not tick all the same boxes and do the same job? Would it not make more sense to get shut of a couple of them and just keep the 911 and stick some miles on it? Maybe downgrade to a GT3 or something?

  4. Merry Christmas and archie ur videos are 10/10 with ur videos. made me start my youtube page thank you maybe 2020 would be gr8 to meet and check out ur cars thanks mike

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