I've NEVER Heard of this NEW KTM Hyper Car in The Crew 2!

Time to CUSTOMIZE the new KTM X-Bow GTX is something I’ve never heard of, once again thanks to The Crew 2 we can build it up and take it for a test!
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  1. You play only racing games, why don't you get steer wheel/pedals? It's really fun with those. Without them it feels like you are just watching the car instead of driving.

  2. So now we have a GT2 that is in Hypercar class and a GT1 (The CCGT) that is in touring car class, interesting

  3. Stupid game adding more pointless cars instead if changing the handling of the best most fastest cars at high speed, just some more dressed up rubbish to add to our collection..

  4. Just keep uploading man you got 1 milly plus subs id do about anything just to have 1000 subs under 700 to go

  5. You know pantha I saw this car last summer at a car show and I was wondering what car it was and I had no idea that they made a hyper car 🏎😄👍🚘🌶

  6. 11:24
    Have you ever heard of Akor?
    Because he did this exact thing, with every vehicle in the game.
    He’s even provided tunes.

  7. I agree the KTM is decent, the Infiniti was a disappointment! I wish the Crew 2 would add more newer vehicles

  8. The reason you’ve never heard of it is because its a race car. That’s also why it has the flat top wheel. The GTX class isn’t an actual class. McLaren made a GTX version of their 720s GT3 car. The X-Bow GTX does race and test at the Nurburgring NLS/VLN series sometimes. In the GTWC Europe series it races under the GT2 class with other cars like a the R8 GT2, 991 GT2 and Ferrari Challenge GT2.

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